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Myth War Online Events Preview and Patch Update for Version

Item exchange and pick bargains! Answer little easy questions and get free rewards!!

International Gaming Gate today announced two exciting and rewarding online events which will come on Mar. 19th

In order to increase the communication with players, Myth War Online Team will hold a special event in game on Mar.19th. The Event contains two parts.

Part One is called Item Exchange--- Players are required to collect some specific item announced by GM at some random time; then they can find GM to exchange the items for the reward (triple EXP Roll or Rumor Roll).

Part Two is named Trivia Event---it's some kind of Question and Answer event and each player who offers the correct answer will win a reward (mysterious fruit with 120W).

The other good news is the latest patch for version is available for now. Then you need to download the patch and install it by yourself. Please click here for more details.

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