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Myth War II

Animated pet and game music details.

Last time, the folks from Myth War II Online ( gave us an in-depth overview of leading-edge graphics techniques applied to this game’s computer graphic design. Today, they will continue to dig into the pet animation design mechanics in the game and would release two awesome game soundtracks.

Keyframe-based animated beasts:

Beasts that roam the wilderness in search of food pose a great threat to numerous gamers venturing across the rolling hills and ancient mountains. But it will be different when they become your beast friend and royal pets. You can always rely on them to watch your back in combat.

Leopard Wolf

Leopard Wolves are commonly seen throughout Rarus Continent. Their howls haunted Revive Arena long before human footprints were found there. They look ferocious but are easily tamed. Many newbies prefer their ferociousness when it comes to choosing one of their first pets. Although its growth rate isn’t conducive to speedy level development, you can take full advantage of their high agility to get the first strike in combat.


Werewolves take on a human form, but that's where the resemblance ends. They are exceptionally violent and aggressive, prowling the deadly desert to stalk their prey. Most gamers will jump back in fear when confronted with them the first time because of their fearsome visage. But once they become a pet, their loyalty will be on display as they seek to protect you without fear of death. For more please visit the official pet guide at the below link:

Game Music Recommendation:


It all begins with a song. The first time you step into this world of God’s and Demons, the weeping and the laughter of the lost hours echo around sweetly. The melody lingers, rich in all its variations. The harmony of the drums, kettle drums and other percussion create a mood of optimism and a majestic spirit. Background music and the grand display of game graphics complement and finally melt into each other.


Cheerful sentimental remembrance flows from this melody as the sweet violin performance treats everyone with affection. Some may feel it’s a bit overly romantic or sweet, but most feel that it possesses a good balance of charm and soul. Even the flute passages manage to stay smooth when being incorporated into the gorgeous chord melody. The sadness of the smooth violin solo and the always cheerful flute backing them will make you wallow in sweet sorrow. Let music heal your soul


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