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Myth War Announces PE Winners, Tournament Champions, And New Power Packs!


(Sunnyvale, CA - January 18, 2007) - Myth War Online is constantly seeking comments and suggestions from its thousands of loyal players to improve their already popular and dynamic game. The high quality of the suggestions and comments have generated great excitement, and rewards for contributions have been high.

Myth War completed its PE competition for updates and suggestions on its guides this week. This contest was so successful that Myth War plans to hold another in the near future, with more topics and areas to discuss. A complete list of winners and their suggestions can be seen at: http://www.mythwaronline.com/modules/news/displaynews.php?parent_id=2&url=/uploadfile/text/20070115/1168843349.htm

The list of winners for the January 8th - 14th Guild War Tournament has been released. For complete details and a listing of the winners please go to http://www.mythwaronline.com/modules/news/displaynews.php?parent_id=2&url=/uploadfile/text/20070117/1169023559.htm Congratulations to all the winners! May you have many more victories!

News From the the popular Item Mall includes the notice that the two Power Packs will be removed from Item Mall after Friday, being replaced by two new packs. These new packs will be on sale for a limited period of time. So, if you want them (especially the two adorable pets), hurry and buy now! For more details visit http://www.mythwaronline.com/modules/news/displaynews.php?parent_id=5&url=/uploadfile/text/20070117/1169019427.htm 

Learn more about these tournaments, contests, and events by visiting http://www.mythwaronline.com/

Myth War Online, developed by Unigium, is a beautifully illustrated isometric 2D fantasy MMORPG. It offers four races, over one hundred pets that can be trained, over 200 skill sets to learn, and vast tracts of unique lands to explore and adventure within the game. In keeping with the rich magical atmosphere within the game, players can even encounter characters who share incredible myths and legends that have the power to become true. For more details about Myth War Online, the official website is http://www.mythwaronline.com.

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