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Myst® IV Revelation Website Wins 7 Awards

LONDON, UK - 12th October 2004, The Myst® IV Revelation website ( has been awarded the 7 most prestigious internet awards since its launch in early August. Awards such has the FWA Site of the Day, the Internet TINY Award Site of the Month and Bombshock's Site of the Week, are given by the most important web-designers of the top web agencies worldwide. Francisco De La Guardia, Ubisoft's EMEA Community manager thinks that "with, Soleil Noir, the creative agency for the website, created a site that went beyond the expectations of Myst® fans: immersive and entertaining, it completely reflects the Myst® universe without revealing too much of the game".

It is the first website to have won so many awards in the video-gaming industry. It is also one of the rare sites to average 20 pages read by visitors, highly due to the richness of the website. The site has had already over 300,000 visits since its launch in early August, proving that Soleil Noir, the design agency, has done a superb job in creating a very interactive, dynamic and entertaining website.

Myst® IV Revelation is already available for PC and Mac. Storyline: In the next chapter of the greatest adventure saga of all time, piece together a family's shattered past involving two of Myst's most sinister villains. Solve elusive mind-challenging puzzles with a multilevel help system that assists your progression in the game.

List of Awards won: FWA AWARD Site of the Day, ITA Site of the Month, DOPE AWARD, NETDIVER AWARD, NEWWEBPICK AWARD, BOMBSHOCK AWARD Site of the Week and MACROMEDIA AWARD.

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