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iPhone social game promising two different worlds to play in - "good mind" and "bad mind".

Korean game developer, Eternal Enter, launches a social game for iDevices with two different world in one game

(2010/12/14 Seoul, Korea) – A social game for smart phones that has strengthened social function as well as gaming function has been developed in Korea

Developed by a Korean game developing company, Eternal Enter (CEO: Hyuk Joo Kwon) and published by Cell Citii (CEO Hyeon Ho Choi), MyChoice will be serviced through Apple’s AppStore within next January in US first.

Unlike other social games that only provide games in single mode, MyChoice provides two different worlds within a single game for the users to choose. It provides “good mind” and “bad mind” setting so that users can enjoy both visual effects and social network from both worlds’ setting as they desire.

Also, the game is equipped with “easily playable games that serves its purpose of social networking” in order to provide various social functions to its users without having to struggle with the game itself. Also, game competition system has been introduced for competitive users to enjoy the games as well.

Also, by having two different worlds within a game, it allows novice users to enjoy novice games until they level up into higher levels of the game. The balance system has been optimized so that from low to high level games, users can enjoy a balanced difficulty level from two different worlds without having to struggle with game balance issues. Various collection items and gifts are allocated throughout the game so that the users can socially interact with one another and enjoy different contents of the game.

Not only that, but MyChoice’s waterball effect and creative graphics allow the users to feel like MyChoice is not just a game, but a personal accessory. Also, female friendly UI and graphic touches have been applied for easier acceptance into the global social gaming society.

Also, Ngmoco’s Plus + mobile social network platform has been integrated in order to allow the users easily connect with other users within the social network. Free-To-Play business model has been applied for exciting gaming experience free of charge.

CEO Hyuk Joo Kwon of Eternal Enter stated, “We are planning to launch the game as soon as Apple authorizes our software. Starting with US, we are planning to widen our service based on languages such as regions that speak Chinese and Japanese instead of launching the game based on geographical regions. Starting with MyChoice that is equipped with great games and social functions, Eternal Enter is planning to be the best gaming company that specializes in mobile platforms.”


About Eternal Enter

Eternal Enter is a company that develops various smart phone applications, tablet PC application and entertainment applications for smart phone and web environment. Based on these technologies, it plans to become the best company in application development for cross platform mobiles (smart phone/tablet PC).

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