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My World, My Way

More info on the RPG world of Princess Elise.

December 17, 2008

My World, My Way is far from your typical RPG. Sure, you’ll come across monsters to fight, characters to talk to and interact with, and spells and items to acquire and master, but what other RPG let’s you wrap the world around your finger? Princess Elise doesn’t want to put up with lengthy, boring quests, or get stuck in challenging fights. And she doesn’t have to, because she’s got the power of the pout, irresistible charm, and a borderline reckless disregard for anything that seeks to get in her way.

Why hear all this from me when she can tell you about it herself…

Changing the world… Literally

"People tell me the world is a 'diverse' place. I don’t know what that means, but apparently, it’s supposed to intimidate me. Well I won’t stand for that! If I don’t feel like boring old plains, I’ll turn them into a forest! And maybe I’ll make the trees dance, while I’m at it. Sometimes, monsters only appear in certain areas. No problem. I’ll just make the type of place I need!"

"Of course, I suppose I have my limits. Every girl needs her beauty sleep after a hard day of adventuring. But here’s the bottom line: If I need anything, from a flower garden to a bonfire, and I need it NOW, it’ll happen. Trust me, okay?"

Mimic Slime

"My little Slime can copy the characteristics of any monsters we defeat in battle! Of course, there’s more to it than that. He can mimic different parts of the monster to gain different stats. …You want an example? Fineee. If the little guy copies the monster’s head, he’ll gain the same MP and Wisdom as the monster. And if the monster could wear head gear, so can my slime! He can also gain the monster’s spells and special attacks, depending on which part he mimics, of course."

"Pretty useful, huh!? If he mimics a monster with high HP, his HP goes up! If he mimics a monster with tons of strength, his strength goes up! If he mimics a magic-using monster, he learns a new spell!"

"Did I mention he’s pink? He’s sooo cute!"

Pout Points

"When I’m out in the world or in a dirty dungeon, I won’t settle for anything less than my way. That’s why I have this handy-dandy 'pout' button. One push, and my life gets a whole lot easier! I have to spend my Pout Points (PP) to do it, though, so I guess I better be smart about it. But that’s boring, so let’s talk about what all I can do!"

"Is the area ugly, or plain old stupid? I’ll make it pretty. Monsters too strong? Maybe I’ll knock ‘em down a few levels. Are they being stingy with items or money? Whatever, I’ll pout it out of them! And ya know what I really hate? Grinding. When the experience points aren’t coming fast enough, I can make the monsters give me more, or just pout until the monsters are stronger. Best of all, if those pesky villagers ask me to do some lame 'go fetch' quest, well, if I’ve got the Pout Points, I can complete it, right there on the spot! ...Don’t ask how!"

"Who says pouting never solved anything!?"

My World, My Way is scheduled for release on February 3, 2009 with an MSRP of $29.99.

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About My World, My Way

Elise is a beautiful princess who has been given everything she’s ever wanted. Upon turning 15, she realizes there’s only one thing in the world she lacks – a handsome boyfriend. She sets out to remedy this by asking her father to hold a ball in her honor, to which every prince from every kingdom is invited to come and try their hand at wooing her. However, only one young man catches Elise’s eye, and, as it turns out, he is no prince, but an adventurer. Knowing that fate itself has ordained him as her true love, she confesses her desire to share in his exciting life... Only to be flat out rejected. He tells her, "If it is truly your desire is to be with an adventurer such as me, I would ask you first to do something with that long hair. Cast aside that frilly dress, and don a suit of armor. Gain some experience in battle, and when you have matured, we shall meet again. Until then, I bid you farewell."

And so, much to the Kingdom’s shock and dismay, Elise, the clueless princess, sets out on her adventure! It’s her world, her way, and as long as she can help the weak, slay the monsters, and win enough fame, she’ll get her happily ever after!

Key Features

• Your world, your way— Alter the landscape to get your way! Different terrain options will open up different opportunities for new enemies and items, and give you power over your adventure.

• Pout your way to victory— Pouting is power, and developing your selfishness is key to getting the Pout Points that will give you options to force the world to behave.

• Not your brother’s RPG— Delight in the off-the-wall journey of a spoiled princess whose selfishness fuels her ability to successfully become an adventurer.

My World, My Way has been rated "E" for Everyone with Alcohol Reference, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes by the ESRB.

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