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My First Game

Aimed at kids aged 3 to 6 (or, at least, the ones you'd trust your iPhone with).

Paris – 03/12/2010

Otaboo and Bulkypix are happy to announce that My First Game is now available on iPhone and iPod Touch for 4.99$

You can buy it on App Store:

Nothing better to explain than a video:

At last, an iPhone/iPod Touch game really devised with children in mind.

"My First Game” is an early-learning game entirely devised for children aged 3 to 6, which they can play either on their own or along with their parents.

"My First Game” offers a total of 12 different activities which are both fun and encourage learning. Many different skills are covered, such as recognizing shapes, writing, memory, music etc.

For example, children are presented with the following tasks:

- Forming numbers and letters of the alphabet

- Identifying animal sounds

- Finding the odd one out in a list of objects

- Putting together a puzzle

- Memorising the position of cards

- Playing a tune on the piano

- And more

Each activity has different variations in order to constantly reawaken the child’s interest. The level of difficulty can be adapted to each age group.

The world of play comes alive and in color. There are lots of animations and sound effects to highlight the child’s actions. Children are supported and guided all the time by Zaps, a sort of cartoon character. Zaps will take every opportunity to help children, congratulate them or show them where they have gone wrong, by speaking to them in person.

Zaps explains the purpose of each activity and how it works using explicit, visual tutorials that can be accessed at any time during the game, which is perfect for children who are still unable to read.

Children are rewarded for the progress they make during the game. Every time they successfully complete a series of activities, they can unlock a new picture to add to their collection. This offers them motivation and satisfaction.

Three different game modes are available:

- “My notebook” mode offers children a number of random activities.

- “My activities” mode allows them to choose one of twelve available activities which they can do.

- Finally, “My presents” mode gathers all the presents the children have won as they have progressed through the game.

Are you looking for a program specifically designed for children where they can learn and have fun at the same time? Look no further. Get them to try “My First Game” now.

About Otaboo :

Created in 2006 by three passionates of 2D games working for over twenty years in the video game universe, Otaboo is an active design studio for consoles and Smartphones, totaling nearly two dozen titles on different media.

Our ambition is to revive the 2D experience of players offering surprisingly rich graphical environments, fluid and detailed animations, trusted by technics and gameplay to meet user expectations.

From the game concept to the delivery of the final product, we handle all phases of the production process, aided by our multiplatform technology adapted to any machine capable of expressing our know-how.

For more information, contact us at

About Bulkypix:

Bulkypix is publishing and developing games and applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. The company was set up by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile in 2008. Bulkypix’s ambition is to create innovative games, such as Hysteria Project (won the French “Revelation 2009 Milthon Award, My Brute based on the famous PC Brand, BaDaBoo a simple and addictive casual games downloaded more than 1 Million time. Bulkypix is also publisher for 3rd parties on great games like Babel Rising and Twin Blades. 30 games will be published in 2010.Bulkypix also develops and releases applications (cultural, commercial, and advertising).Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any projects you want to be published on the Appstore. Contact us on

Bulkypix website:

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