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My Animal Centre

Heal poorly creatures on your DS and/or Wii.

7 November 2008

Now the fun comes full circle: The first part of the most popular animal hospital simulation sets off to the autumn season with new editions for Nintendo DS and Wii. Accompanied by this darling of the public and winner of the TOMMI-Award it’s possible now to foster & heal on the go or to get closer to the animals via Wii Remote at home.

And the winner is … When „My Animal Centre“ was stacked onto the shelves in 2006, no one could anticipate the tremendous success of the animal simulation and its exotic follow-ups. Winning the TOMMI-Award for children’s software and the Comenius Award already in the year of publication was just the beginning of a success story. In 2007 the second chapter of the top product series was awarded: „My Animal Centre in Africa“ received the coveted „GIGA-Maus“ for the best console game and ranked second at the TOMMI-Award for children’s software. Last but not least a few days ago Braingame was honoured with the „GIGA-Maus“ of the children’s jury for the down under version of its classic. Positive proof that both professionals and interested kids agree on the fact that Braingame’s original is way ahead of its fellow products. „My Animal Centre“ does not only convince through its distinctive look & feel and ever new and changing cuddly quadrupeds but first and foremost with a genuine plus of knowledge and seriousness. It is not without reason that the comprehensive knowledge section is repeatedly accoladed both by pedagogues and little fans. Finally the bestseller and showcase item for sophisticated edutainment is also available for Nintendo DS and Wii platforms.

Quality squared! Just as the original the new edition captivates with detailed 3D-graphics, countless possible actions and irresistible quadrupeds. As one is used to, the cute patients have to be examined and after careful diagnosis attended to, fostered and taken care of by the sympathetic vet. Naturally regular petting and playing with the sick dogs, cats, bunnies, piggies and horses adds to the convalescence. But there is also an economic aspect to the ‚dream vet job‘: How to maintain one’s own clinic? How to invest earned money profitably? In purchasing appropriate professional literature or rather the latest medical equipment? Under realistic economic conditions the prospective veterinary practices responsible budgeting and thoughtful handling of money. The one, who, after such an amount of mental work, is longing for relaxation, may indulge oneself after hours with a bubble bath, a new hairdo or a delicious dinner.

Double bonus! Of course both on Nintendo DS and Wii the young vet may browse and bury oneself in the comprehensive knowledge section at will. Here she finds carefully illustrated information about her cuddly patients, the most common animal diseases and their treatments. As before, studiousness will be rewarded, because knowledge means competence. Also on the console versions one can switch between different languages, create up to 3 various user profiles and choose from 30 mini games. The custom-made interface, a menu navigation perfectly aligned on Nintendo DS and Wii as well as the seamless integration of all platform specific features provide manifold possibilities of interaction with the animal patients. With the Nintendo DS version, the Nintendo DS stylus is used for examination, feeding and petting - plus, as an absolute highlight, the assignment of the microphone: with her gentle voice the vet calms down nervous patients during their treatment. For petting and caressing with the Wii version, the remote is at one’s command: via the rumble feature the medic is even able to feel the content purring of her spoiled kitten on her very own body. And when it comes to the cleaning of the enclosures, it may be possible that the vet breaks out in a sweat, due to the realistic motion sequences with the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk.

Upshot: „My Animal Centre is a game we actually didn’t want to switch off anymore“, said the children’s jury of the software award TOMMI 2006. And you don’t have to! Due to the new version for Nintendo DS the queen of animal simulations is finally mobile. Whether on the world’s most popular handheld console or via Wii Remote on the big screen at home: „My Animal Centre“ is just plain fun!

Nintendo DS features:

• 4 Tutorials

• 20 scenarios

• More than 30 mini games with all species

• Complete 3D-game environment with realtime 3D characters

• Comprehensive and carefully illustrated knowledge section

• Perfect integration of all Nintendo DS features, including microphone

Wii features:

• 10 scenarios

• More than 30 mini games with all species

• Unique gaming experience: seamless integration of all Wii features

• Free camera perspective and impressive 3D graphics

• Comprehensive & carefully illustrated knowledge section

Product Information:

Product: My Animal Centre

Genre: Simulation

System: Nintendo DS™ + Wii™

Publisher: Braingame / Deep Silver

Distributor: Koch Media

DS Release: tbd

Wii Release: tbd

PEGI: 3+

DS RSP: 39,95 €

Wii RSP: 39,95 €

About Braingame

With the creation of the genre „learning adventure“ in 1996 Braingame Publishing GmbH set a milestone in the edutainment line. The multiple award-winning and million times sold games are the base for the company's success and prove that it is possible to combine learning with fun.

By now the Braingame portfolio contains high-quality 3D adventures, award winning titles for children and families as well as unique info- and edutainment products - for both PC and Nintendo. Setting a great value on both current and exciting content, Braingame also stands for the application of the newest technologies combined with best quality. That is what the experienced team of educationists, scientists, media and game designers stands for. Braingame products are published worldwide – with great success.


About Deep Silver

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Deep Silver has published around 40 games since 2003, including the most successful adventure of 2006, Secret Files: Tunguska, the bestseller ANNO 1701 (co-published with Sunflowers), the challenging CrossworDS knowledge puzzle game, the horse simulation Horse Life DS, and the soccer MMO World of Soccer Online. Current developments include Warhammer® - Battle March™ (in cooperation with Namco Bandai), the action role-playing game Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (in cooperation with Ascaron), S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, the sinister Chernobyl shooter for PC, and the new game from the Piranha Bytes team. Deep Silver's own developing studio opened in 2007. For more information please visit www.deepsilver.com.

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