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Music on: Acoustic Guitar

A virtual acoustic on DSiWare.

Could you imagine the experience of playing a realistic acoustic guitar in your Nintendo DSi TM ?

If you are in Madrid July 15 th and 16 th, you can!

We will perform a live exhibition at the “Idéame” event, organized by the Complutense University of Madrid and with the support of Nintendo Ibérica, providing the opportunity for public testing!

“Music on: Acoustic Guitar”, third title of Abylight's successful series for Nintendo DSiWare TM , is a virtual guitar with realistic sound and feeling.

It is scheduled to be released soon in Europe, Australia and the Americas.

What is “Idéame 2010”?

“Idéame” is a meeting point for young developers wishing to participate on the video game industry through open forums and other activities guided by professionals. “Idéame” is sponsored by the “Master in Game Development” of the Complutense University.

Abylight will attend “Idéame 2010” and take part in programmed activities.

The Complutense University of Madrid (Spanish: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, UCM) is a prestigious Spanish university and one of the oldest universities in the world.

More information (Spanish) at

About “Music on” series

“Music On” series for Nintendo DSiWare TM is a software collection including musical applications and games for all ages.

The series started with “Music on: Electronic Keyboard”, followed by “Music on: Retro Keyboard”. It will be soon continued with “Music on: Acoustic Guitar”. More titles are in development.

The “Music on” series is currently top-ranked as a non-free release on the Nintendo DSiWare TM service in the US and European countries such as UK, Germany and France.

About Abylight

Abylight is a solid and well established game developer from Barcelona, founded in 2004 by four professionals of the video game industry with a rich experience on productions for a wide range of platforms since 1988.

Since 2009, Abylight has started its path as an on-line video game publisher.

Abylight’s most recent interactive entertainment releases, aside from the “Music on” series for Nintendo DSiWare TM , are "Fish'em All!", “NEVES Plus: Pantheon of Tangrams” and “Stop Stress: a day of fury” for WiiWare TM .

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email (general enquries)

Eva Gaspar +34 931850008

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