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Murky Horizon

Tower defense meets dual-stick shooting on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.


Raleigh, N.C., May 5, 2010 - Ham Studios is proud to announce that Murky Horizon is now available for download on the Xbox 360. Murky Horizon takes two popular and addictive game genres, Tower Defense and Dual-stick shooters, and combines them together to create something fresh and innovative. "I always loved both of these genres and was amazed how smoothly they fit together," creator David Markham said. "I feel combining them filled the short-comings of both genres and created something greater than both." Murky Horizon takes traditional elements like power-ups and upgradeable turrets, and introduces features rarely seen in either genre like four-player coop and pitch-black nightfall. In Murky Horizon players defend a bunker from waves of flesh-eating lizards. As day turns to night, the game grows more challenging and players must use flashlights and flares to spot incoming enemies. Murky Horizon is available now for download on the Xbox Live Indie Games service for 80 Microsoft Points.

To celebrate the release, Ham Studios is giving away 5 free copies of Murky Horizon.

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About Ham Studios: Ham Studios is a new indie game studio created in 2009 by David Markham to make innovative games for the Xbox 360, Windows PC, and iPhone.


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