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Munkey Vs Ninjas

"Will keep you entertained during all your vacant moments..."

Superstar Games releases a monkey and a horde of angry banana stealing ninjas! How does a monkey defend itself against such unfair odds? With BOMBS of course!

Play the underdog hero Munkey and defend your precious territory against nasty ninjas trying to reach your tree house and even endangering your baby chimps on the way!

With a unique and refreshing art style, beautiful graphics and addictive game play, Munkey Vs Ninjas will keep you entertained during all your vacant moments! Fully integrated with OpenFeint means you can share your experience with all your friends and upload your highest scores!

Throwing bombs as a monkey has never been so much fun! Truly a first in the history match-ups, enter the predicament of a monkey against countless ninjas out to steel his bananas! This game is jam-packed with addictive game play, and will have you playing for hours-on-end during those vacant moments you'd rather play away than to spend twiddling your thumbs!

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