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Munford takes over biz dev for Player X

Mobile games publisher and distributor Player X has announced the appointment of former Babel Media communications director Paul Munford as the company's new director of business development.

Munford will be taking over the firm's business development efforts with a view to expanding its global profile, opening channels into North America and heading up the company's mobile gambling division.

His appointment comes during a period of rapid expansion for the company, which was formed just last year and recently announced the appointment of industry veteran Kristan Rivers to oversee its Asian operations from a base in Beijing.

"It's a cliche, but I'm 'delighted' to be working with the Player X guys and

I know I've joined at the right time," Munford commented. "European, Asian and US operators are all snapping up our quality content such as Alien Hominid, Wallace & Gromit and Space Boy and the future is as about exciting as it could be."

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