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Multiplayer Online Baseball Simulation Sim Dynasty Launches New Season Nov. 16.

Players can signup now for a free trial.

Chicago, November 14, 2005 -- The new season for multiplayer online baseball simulation, Sim Dynasty begins Wednesday, Nov. 16. Players can signup now by visiting More than 3,000 players already control teams, but there is always room for more in this multiplayer online baseball simulation. Players take on the role of a baseball manager and train their team in the hope it will become the greatest in the league and ultimately create a dynasty over many seasons. Sim Dynasty's Single Season Leagues are 100% free to try, no strings attached. Players who want to continue the fun can continue by joining the highly competitive multi-season leagues. Multi-season dues are $10.95 per season or $54.50 annually. Players interested in joining and starting their very own baseball dynasty should visit: to learn more.

"Play Ball! Just because the Major League Baseball season is over doesn't mean you have to stop playing America's greatest game," says Tyson Lowery, President of Sim Dynasty. "Sim Dynasty is a great way for baseball fans worldwide to enjoy the game even in the traditional off season."

New seasons last approximately two months. Unique to Sim Dynasty is the fact that team owners can continue from one season to next, building a great simulated baseball dynasty. For further information about Sim Dynasty, please contact: James Hills, call 630-233-8336 or visit Sim Dynasty online at to sign up.

About Sim Dynasty:

Sim Dynasty is a multiplayer online baseball simulation set in the "Golden Age" of baseball, between 1950's and 1970's, before player and owner greed, huge television contracts and free agency changed Major League Baseball from one of manager skill and civic pride into something more focused on money. With more than 3,000 teams, Sim Dynasty is one of the most successful simulations on the market today. Unlike "fantasy baseball," it encourages fans to build a community and nurture their teams and players over many years, not just focus on a single season. As a result, players must think both strategically and creatively as they select draft choices and train them, so they may one day be leading players in the league. Even the off season is important to the game as a time to trade players, allow younger players improve their skills and older ones retire. Seasons last approximately two months and team owners pay dues of $10.95 per season or $54.50 annually.

James Hills

VP Business Development

Sim Dynasty

phone: 630-233-8336


AIM: JamesHills2

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