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"YouTube of casual games" now features 1,000 uploaded games.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – October 9, 2008 - The Swedish start-up, a web 2.0 platform where developers can upload their own games, has now reached over 1000 uploaded games. The concept is similar to that of, but with a focus on casual games. Games can be played for free directly in the browser window and developers who upload games receive revenue share via the in-game ads.

With the casual games market accumulating $2.25 billion in sales in 2007 and predicting a twenty percent increase in growth per year, according to a Pearl Research study published in Screen Digest, there is a growing need for a common space where casual games can be both developed and played. Not only is a place where casual gamers can enjoy the latest titles, but it also acts as a test bed for developers where new game ideas can be tested and modified depending on responses from players.

“The traditional games industry has become more and more conservative in terms of trying out new game concepts. We are trying to go the opposite way by letting developers try out any idea first. The players get to decide which concepts work, not the publishers,” says Christian Lövstedt, CEO of Multigames Sweden AB. “I have always been fascinated by the collaborative development possibilities offered by the Internet and this is where the core concepts in web 2.0 solutions really come into play."

On the site, visitors can play, rate, comment, and compete against other players. Games can also be added to other Web communities such as Facebook, MySpace and blogs. The creators of have provided visitors with as many social bookmarking tools as possible to encourage the games to be spread rapidly over the Internet. Players on the site come from all over the world, and recently added 10 different languages to their site in order to reach more markets.

“We want to make the largest catalogue on the Internet for casual games. New games are uploaded constantly, so the site continues to grow with every week that passes,” said Lövstedt.

For further information:

Christian Lövstedt CEO,,

Phone: +46704 62 76 87

About Multigames Sweden AB

Multigames Sweden AB provides gaming and entertainment via the Internet. The company designs and acquire Internet projects with global potential. The company is head quartered in Stockholm and works in markets all over the world.

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