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MS confirms PrimeSense role in Natal tech

Israeli company providing 3D sensing technology for Natal camera

Microsoft has confirmed that key 3D sensing and recognition technology used in Project Natal has come from Israeli company PrimeSense.

The company's involvement with Natal was predicted by Digital Foundry last June, when it said the "brain" of the camera appeared to have originated from start-up PrimeSense.

"We've seen tremendous excitement and anticipation for the arrival of Project Natal this holiday," said Ilan Spillinger, VP of Xbox 360 hardware. "PrimeSense has delivered an important component to the technology, helping us deliver revolutionary controller-free entertainment experiences in the living room."

"PrimeSense's technology enables a paradigm shift in the way people interact with consumer electronic devices. The engagement with Xbox 360 establishes PrimeSense's position as a leading supplier of 3D sensing technology," added Inon Beracha, CEO of PrimeSense.

"We are especially honoured to have a partner like Microsoft who shares our vision for bringing innovative and engaging natural experiences to consumers."

Aviad Maizels, president and founder of PrimeSense said that Microsoft's engineering teams had developed the Natal sensor based on its PrimeSensor design.

Microsoft's motion-tracking Project Natal is due for release this Christmas.

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