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Mplayit app stores

Coming to a carrier near you.

• Canada's Rogers, Australia's Telstra newest carrier partners

• Telefonica O2 UK service launched late 2009

• Web discovery growing trend in battle for smartphone customer

• Android launch at Christmas means Mplayit now offers truly cross-platform solution

San Francisco – Jan. 18th 2010 – Mplayit, the company best known for its groundbreaking new social mobile app stores on the Facebook platform, today announced plans to bring their technology to major new international carrier partners. Mplayit has been available for Telefonica O2 customers in the United Kingdom since November 2009 and today the company announced new partnerships in Canada with #1 carrier Rogers and with Australian market-leader Telstra.

Mplayit has been helping major U.S. carriers like Sprint and AT&T and publishers, including EA offer playable discovery for mobile games and apps since late 2008. The new deals point to a broader trend in the carrier market. Traditionally, mobile operators have failed to properly exploit the power of the Web in merchandising their application catalogs to customers. The rapid growth in the social Web in the past two years has left many even further behind. Now, with the growth in smartphone penetration and increased competition from device manufacturers themselves, mobile operators are recognizing the need to improve mobile application discovery and provide their customers with the best experience possible. Mplayit is increasingly partnering with operators to help them achieve these goals.

“Carriers throughout the world are facing unprecedented competitive pressure in terms of both app downloads and customer mindshare," said Michael Powers, founder and CEO of Mplayit. "We offer them a simple and cost effective way to plug into users’ social graphs, massively improve their service proposition and help drive additional app downloads like never before."

Mplayit offers search and try-before-you-buy playable previews of popular mobile applications on leading mobile platforms and accessible from a standard Web or mobile browser. Users can rate, comment, and recommend individual apps to their social network including Facebook and Twitter. In addition, Mplayit's unique 'Apptivity' feed gives users a view of the most played and recommended apps in real time adding a useful and entertaining element to regular lists or rankings.

In December 2009, Mplayit launched full support for Android, on top of it's existing iPhone, mobile Java and BlackBerry services. With the launch of scores of new Android devices in 2010, its an aspect of the service that is proving particalarly appealing to carriers. It all adds up to a truly cross-platform solution for all the best-selling smartphone devices which offers mobile carriers the only one-stop mobile apps megastore for merchandising content.

"Integrating Mplayit’s ‘playable discovery’ experience with a mobile user’s social network is a powerful combination that drives valuable discovery and viral marketing opportunities in the face of skyrocketing numbers of mobile applications,” continued Mplayit's Powers. "And because we support multiple platforms - mobile Java, Blackberry, iPhone and Android - we're best placed to help carriers monetise their whole user base."

About Mplayit

Mplayit is the leading global provider for online playable discovery and social merchandising of mobile games and applications. The company's proprietary software solutions enable mobile content providers to better merchandise, market, and interact with a targeted user audience of mobile consumers. Mplayit is backed by New Atlantic Ventures. For more information, visit or email You can also follow Mplayit on Twitter: @Mplayit.

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