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Move Over World of Warcraft(TM), Step Aside Everquest(TM). GoPets is Sharing the Newest Online Model.

SEOUL, KOREA - Oct. 24, 2005 - On Friday, October 28 at the Austin Game Conference, GoPets, Ltd. (www.gopetslive.com) CEO, Erik Bethke will be the featured speaker at the groundbreaking symposium entitled, "The End of Subscriptions already? The Item Model for Online Games." The session is part of the "Games in Asia" track and is designed to shed light on this newly emerging business model for internet gaming.

"In Korea the subscription model is all but dead, with only a few exceptions," said Bethke. "The cauldron for new online business has chewed up and spit out this model as being an inefficient one-size-does-not-quite-fit-all deal that has been smashed by the item business model."

About Erik Bethke

Erik Bethke, CEO and founder of GoPets Ltd., has been developing games for ten years. As CEO of Taldren, Inc., he managed the development of the Starfleet Command real-time tactical starship simulator. He acted as the lead designer and producer/executive producer throughout the series, including SFC 1, SFC: Neutral Zone, SFC II: Empires at War, SFC: Orion Pirates, and Starfleet Command 3.

Additionally, Bethke is the author of the book "Game Development and Production," published by Wordware in North America and Acorn in Korea and Japan. This book is currently used by the game design departments of at least a half-dozen universities and colleges around the world.

About the Austin Game Conference

The Austin Game Conference (AGC), a two-day event held annually in the fall, is the definitive conference for networked game development, including massively multiplayer online games, mobile and wireless games and devices, and online PC and console games.

About GoPets, Ltd.

GoPets, Ltd. is an international game developer and publisher in Seoul, South Korea, with partners around the globe. Incorporated in August of 2004, GoPets is gaining impressive momentum with its flagship product, allowing users to easily play games and make friends all across the world. Comprised of numerous industry veterans, GoPets is quickly establishing itself in the online gaming marketplace. For more information please go to www.gopetslive.com.

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