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MotoGP 10/11

Beat the developers at their own game on Xbox Live.

On Tuesday 22nd March from 16:00GMT, the MotoGP 10/11 developers from Monumental Games will be on 'Xbox Live' and ready to race with you in an exclusive online tournament.

All of the game developers will have their very own 'Xbox Gamertags', making them easy to locate as you race the 'GP class' on the Qatar circuit.

Look out for 'Mongames Ian', 'Mongames Harvey', 'Mongames Tom' and 'Mongames Rich', then join the team for some fast paced action packed racing!

To speak to the developers and for more information see Xboxliveaddicts http://www.xboxliveaddicts.co.uk/forums/forum/500-monumental-games-motogp-series/

About Monumental Games

Monumental Games (Nottingham, UK) is a game development studio specialising in the design, production, operation and management of large-scale consumer MMO games for the global marketplace.

Monumental develops the Monumental Technology Suite (MTS), a complete MMO game development middleware solution. MTS enables developers to focus on innovative content development and end-product quality, and contains everything investors, publishers, and developers, need to take MMO products quickly, securely and cost effectively to market.

About Xboxliveaddicts

Xboxliveaddicts was launched in August 2004 to provide a place where Xbox Live gamers could chat and arrange games together, although our founding members were grouped in 2002 on Xboliveaddicts' predocessor. Our roots stem from the community that surrounded the Xbox game MotoGP 2, bringing players together for organized games eliminated a lot of the frustration of the random "optimatch" and our league quickly took off as a result. Up until 2007, the MotoGP developers (Climax) and publishers (THQ) were closely involved with our site on a regular basis, now in 2010 we have Monumental Games posting and we are now one of the leading UK based Xbox fansites.

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