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Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege

Fact Sheet

E3 2006

Publisher: Cinemaware Marquee
Developer: MonteCristo
Platform: PC
Ship Date: June 2006
ESRB: Pending
Price: $29.99
Multiplayer: Yes

Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege is the latest installment in the well established line of World War II strategy games developed by MonteCristo. Scheduled for release in June 2006, Moscow to Berlin follows in the footsteps Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps, D-Day, and 1944: Battle of the Bulge, bringing World War II action to your fingertips. Players will jump in the seat of both German and Russian tanks as they try their strategic skills on the Eastern Front. Engage in actual historic battles on painstakingly recreated battlefields. There is no resource management, so it's all action with your troops and tanks battling new and deadly challenges on every campaign!

Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege is a real time strategy game, but does not fall into that "one size fits all" category. Since players take on the role of German and Russian commanders, they have a well established force, therefore they require no pre-battle preparations. The player is put directly out onto the battlefield with their allotted troops and information. Missions are clear cut and goals are set from the beginning. Players will be forced to use their assets wisely as they work their way across the battlefields of the Eastern Front. New units and abilities create a tangible feel that makes players the spearhead of these engagements!


  • Attempt to defeat both Russian forces and the deadly Russian winter as you fight with the Germans. Try to break through the German lines and take Berlin for the glory of the Red Army!
  • Fight in actual battles taken directly from history! Battlefields from some of WWII's greatest fights on the Eastern Front have been taken and recreated with incredible accuracy and detail. Work your way through three of the toughest campaigns in military history: Operation Barbarossa, the War In Russia, and the Fight Towards Berlin.
  • New units make their appearance in this latest installment of MonteCristo's military strategy games. German units such as the Jagdpanther, Jagdtiger, Elephant, Sturmtiger, Hertzer, Moebelwagen, SD KFZ 251, JU 52, and FW 190, all make their debut. Russian units such as, the T60, T70, BT7, T34, KV1, IS2, SU 122, SU 100, ZIS 3, M30, 52k, BA 64, ZIS 22, IL4, and IL 2 also make their presence known.
  • Features such as artillery support and air strikes give the player a greater ability to control what's happening on the battlefield. Shell your opponents and break them before you bring in your tanks and troops to mop up. Send in air strikes to soften a heavily defended emplacement to minimize your losses in capturing it!
  • Understand the significance of every battle, history tells us what both sides have done - will your strategy turn the tides? Can you defeat your enemy with greater speed and intelligence than actual military commanders?
  • 3 Multiplayer modes allow players to test their wits against their friends! Offering Conquer mode, Capture the Flag, and Deathmatch.

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