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More Xbox 360 launch titles using SpeedTreeRT

Five new titles expected to form part of the software line-up for the launch of Microsoft's Xbox 360 console will feature realistic foliage generated using middleware system SpeedTreeRT.

Designed to recreate animated trees and foliage with adjustable real time wind effects, SpeedTreeRT has been adopted by a number of major publishers for the development of environments and foliage in their next generation console games.

Microsoft hopes to ship its new Xbox 360 console this Christmas in an unprecedented simultaneous tri-content launch and confirmed software launch titles for the new machine which will feature SpeedTreeRT include Saint's Row (THQ), The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Bethesda Softworks) and Huxley and the Endless Saga (WEBZEN). There are currently a further two titles using SpeedTreeRT, though the publishers have yet to make an official announcement.

Earlier this year Xbox Tools and Middleware manager Tracy Frankcom confirmed that SpeedTreeRT would be the sole foliage middleware partner for Xbox 360. After investigating the technical and aesthetic benefits of the system, she commented that "next generation Xbox players will quickly come to appreciate - and expect - SpeedTree powered titles".

IDV's SpeedTreeRT system is also being implemented into several PC titles from a variety of companies worldwide, including Ubisoft, Nexon and French developer Monte Cristo Games.