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Fantasy and Science Fiction Authors Ready New Releases for Next Generation Consoles and Handhelds

NextGenBooks.com and best selling fantasy author Darren Reid are bringing more exciting fantasy and science fiction titles from a variety of authors to Nintendo Wii and DS, Sony PS3 and PSP, iPod and PC. Set to begin on April 27th with the release of Kim Silva's The Dreamers is a series of new ebook content optimized for next generation console browsers and handhelds. Following this first release will be a series of science fiction and fantasy from authors Kyrinn Synthea Eis, David Goyette and Darren Reid with more to follow in the coming months.

"The great thing about the new wave of consoles," explains NextGenBooks.com founder Darren Reid, "is that we can deliver our content to a whole new audience - people who love Zelda, Resistance, Oblivion and Gears of War have the chance to download and read brand new stories and novels at no charge from some of the best new voices in the genre."

The first of these new voices to be presented is that of Kim Silva, a first time fantasy author from the UK. Her story, The Dreamers, is scheduled for release on April 27th on all formats. The second new title will be the sci-fi flavoured _Slither On by already published author Kyrinn Synthea Eis which is due out in May. David Goyette's action fantasy adventure The Loss and the Bluff will then follow in June. In addition to these new releases best selling fantasy author Darren Reid is planning to debut material from his new book The Half Broken Crown exclusively on NextGenBooks.com with the first three chapters tentatively scheduled to be released in succession this May.

Each of the upcoming titles will appear exclusively on the recently refurbished NextGenBooks.com and will be optimized for a number of formats including Nintendo and Sony home and handheld consoles. All upcoming releases are completely free and will join the already impressive library of titles available on the website www.NextGenBooks.com

About NextGenBooks.com:

NextGenBooks.com grew out of best selling fantasy author Darren Reid's free library through which he had been releasing a number of exciting ebooks and novellas free of charge to his readership. Since its initial foundation in 2006 NextGenBooks.com has grown to encompass the works of a number of authors including D.A. Adams , David Goyette, Kim Silva, Kyrinn Synthea Eis, Briana Beaulieu and Dan McCurdy and sees over half of its traffic coming from Nintendo Wii, DS and Sony PS3 and PSP users. It is also the online home of the interactive Wizard of Oz prequel The Sword of Oz. For more information please visit www.NextGenBooks.com.

About Darren Reid: Darren Reid is the author of the best selling novel Lords of Darkness and Shadow. He has also released a considerable amount of free material online which led first to the creation of his own free library and later NextGenBooks.com which also showcases the work of other upcoming writers. Currently he is working towards the summer release of his sophomore novel, the fantasy epic The Half Broken Crown as well as serializing his debut novel online. For more information visit www.DarrenReid.co.uk.

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