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More teams, more detail, more power, more pressure: "LMA Manager 2006" to go world-class on Xbox 360 and PC in spring 2006.

The leading console football management title steps up its game with first shots revealed of the Xbox 360 and PC editions, coming spring 2006.

It's led the football management field for over five years on consoles and come spring 2006, LMA Manager 2006 takes it to the next generation with massively expanded editions for PC and the Xbox 360TM video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Already a hit on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, LMA Manager 2006 is a real evolution for the series and is currently being enhanced for PC and Xbox 360 to become the most comprehensive edition ever created in the entire series making it the closest you are likely to get to being a real football manager.

Designed and developed by Codemasters' internal LMA team, which has expanded its unparalleled expertise to include a dedicated PC development team, LMA Manager 2006 utilises a new game and database engine to handle more teams, a Transfer Market system with greater depth enabling more complex contract negotiations, a detailed 3D match section that brings the reality of match day alive and a host of advancements that specifically take advantage of the formats' capabilities.

Action your decisions immediately

  • The LMA Manager series has spent years perfecting a brilliantly intuitive and user-friendly interface, where every piece of information is no more than a couple of button-presses away. The Xbox 360 edition will see the game utilising all four shoulder-buttons featured on the console's pad to aid swifter movement between screens. The PC edition will further benefit from a bespoke mouse/keyboard interface, which combines icon-driven commands with collapsible folders.

The most extensive world of football management

  • On PC and Xbox 360, LMA's football world will expand to include teams from over 50 countries from all major continents, including even more teams from Europe, African, Asia, the Americas and Australia. As manager you will now be able to take your squad on a tour to all corners of the globe - enabling your maverick striker to let off fire extinguishers in bars in New Zealand, Japan and Korea! The Xbox 360 and PC editions will also include fully updated player databases, including all the transfers from the January market - where we will see if a faltering Northern giant have had been granted the cash to buy the world class midfielder that they so obviously need.

LMA Manager 2006 looks the business

  • With its stylish new design running throughout the intuitive interface, stats screens and 3D match sections, LMA Manager 2006's visuals take football management way beyond monitoring a spreadsheet to really deliver a graphically rich and immersive football management experience. You'll get an even better sense that there is a huge and authentic football world going on around as you run your chosen team.

More information - faster than ever

  • With more data available than ever before, you want it delivered at speed. Less finger-drumming and tea-drinking as you wait for in-game 'days' to be processed. The Xbox 360 and PC versions see multi-threading implemented to keep the game moving at pace.

More detail - instantly

  • Presenting everything you need to know clearly alongside the most official football image content featured in a LMA game, on Xbox 360, the game's information sections will support HDTV and 720p and the 3D match section in glorious wide screen. The higher-resolution displays offered on PC have been optimised by the in-house LMA PC team and will see more information and detail available on a single screen; effectively 3 console-screens' worth of information will be visible.

Football One - your window on the football world is clearer than ever.

  • Watch 3D highlights of not just your team's performance and, for the first time, see the best of every match played in your current division. You'll also be able to look through club diaries and look in detail at full match reports for all the matches taking place within your division. Studying the other match highlights gives some indication as to how your forthcoming opponents are performing - and which players are in form and may need close attention when you play them. It may also influence any future transfers you make.

Know your history with more data from previous seasons played.

  • On Xbox 360 and PC you can store reports of all past matches. No longer are player histories reset every season - the histories will be maintained for up to 20 seasons, allowing you to view what a player was up to seasons ago. Additionally, with no limit on storage, you'll be able to file all the important documents received from your staff, such as scout reports, for future reference.

What was that? "The referee's a... banker?!"

  • You'll know just what the crowd think of your management thanks to all new audio recordings taken live from real football matches. Recorded with multiple microphones around the stadiums, you'll hear the crowd's appreciation (or disgust) in full digital surround sound.

Set to bring you all the power and pressure of football management in an incredible detailed world of football, LMA Manager 2006 will launch on Xbox 360 and PC in spring 2006.

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