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More Of Liquid’s Assets To Get Your Hands On!

April 21st 2005, Northamptonshire, UK: Following on from the popularity of their last lot of asset packs, Liquid Games has now made another batch available .

This latest group includes sneak previews of two of Liquid's forthcoming PS2 titles: the unique 8-player bowling game, 10 Pin: Champions Alley, plus their fun and family-friendly mini-golf game, Crazy Golf; World Tour.

With a choice of eight colourful characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses; three difficulty settings and with several different modes of play, 10 Pin: Champions Alley is the ideal choice for a night in with friends or an afternoon with the family. The perfect party game, 10 Pin Champions Alley takes bowling out of the lanes and into the living room for up to eight players, a standard PS2 and a single controller!


With Crazy Golf: World Tour, Liquid's take on seaside resort favourite, mini-golf, features single or multiplayer options, eight play modes and a choice of brightly coloured and fun environments. This family-friendly game for up to four people, with easy to learn controls tests players' skills to to the limit as they pit their wits against the often fiendish obstacles that stand between them and the pin.


Due for release in May and June repectively, 10 Pin: Champions Alley and Crazy Golf: World Tour are both set to retail at £9.99.

Also available are movies and assets for Liquid's great value PC range.

Wandering the countryside from world to world trading goods and fighting, the isometric world of trade-cum-RPG sim, Spells of Gold, features an economy that follows the laws of supply and demand. Towns have items to export and things that they need to import. The key is to determine which town you, the player will be going to and which items you decide to carry and trade. Compelling and addictive, Spells of Gold requires a degree of thought to play successfully and will have players completely hooked on amassing vast stockpiles of gold!



Developed by the Russian Secret Service and designed to transport its crew back in time, KA-50 Combat helicopter, Red Shark plays a key role in top secret missions to change the reality of the present by messing with the past; namely Nazi Germany. Set in a lush and expansive 3D world, Red Shark is a realistic flight-sim and features arcade-style action with realistic simulator-like environments.



Dubbed by Bite Me magazine as "The most disturbing game of the year", Midnight Nowhere is a richly atmospheric story-driven horror adventure, packed with fiendish puzzles, grisly murders and lots of corpses. Boasting around 150 locations and with fiendish puzzles to be solved through its simple point-and-click interface, Midnight Nowhere is a richly atmospheric story-driven horror adventure replete with rich graphics, a haunting soundtrack and more than a smattering of sardonic humour.



Arcade-style shooter, March! Offworld Recon is set in 2087 and features numerous puzzles along with much cyborg-battling. Utilising a powerful graphics engine, this game that critics hailed as "An incredible feat of programming", features realistic environments, spectacular 3D graphics and remarkable special effects.



Delivering fast-paced action, futuristic flight combat sim, Echelon Wind Warriors sees the player flying a variety of futuristic aircraft through a number of tension-filled missions over lush alien landscapes and towering cities, whilst playing as a member of an elite fighting force.


Darkened Skye is a real-time Action/Adventure game that weaves mythology, puzzle solving and magic, as Skye of Lynlora does battle with evil and pits her wits against monsters galore across five different worlds. Boasting its own unique 3D graphics engine and featuring over two hours of cut scenes, Darkened Skye is a compelling game of rich narrative that spans more than thirty levels.


A combination of RPG and strategy, Paradise Cracked is set in a futuristic world that has suffered too long from overpopulation and ecological destruction. Scientists formed a new paradise by creating a super computer to solve all of mankind's problems. Named Cyberspace, it gave everyone the opportunity to live a happy, uncomplicated life, albiet in a virtual world...until it decided on its great experiment...

Originally released in Russia, Paradise Cracked received critical acclaim and won a multitude of awards.


Retailing at just £3.99 each, all of Liquid's PC titles are available now.


About Liquid Games

With PC and PS2 games priced from £3.99 to £9.99 respectively, Liquid Games is a range of over 30 titles that has been designed to hit casual gamers with aggressive price points and mass-market content.

From sports to racing, from adventure to kids' titles, Liquid Games provides fun for everyone, at a price that works for everybody.


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