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More details revealed of tomorrow's Advertising in Games Forum

Mary Margaret Walker, co-founder of international recruitment agency, has been announced as a panel moderator for tomorrow's Advertising in Games Forum (AIGF) in New York.

The forum is designed to bring advertising agencies, games companies and technology firms together to discuss the future of in-game marketing.

Walker will moderate the featured AIGF conference panel entitled "Advergaming". The panel is comprised of Skyworks CEO Garry Kitchen, Enpocket's Rob Lawson, Bill Clifford of Wild Tangent and Dan Ferguson, co-founder of BlockDot.

The discussion will focus on audience targeting, revenue potential and creative opportunities within the medium of videogames advertising. Panelists will look at what advertisers want from developers and the best ways to sell advertising space, as well as how different marketing styles can be adapted to different types of games.

Mitch Davis, CEO of Massive Inc, has previously been announced as keynote speaker. Massive recently revealed plans to launch a new in-game advertising service, and Davis is expected to discuss the impact in-game marketing will have on game publishing models as well as the benefits to advertisers.

The conference will take place at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan from 8am - 5pm. Attendance costs $395 and includes access to all conference sessions.

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