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Moore - Publishers must find solution to pre-owned

EA Sports president believes that second-hand market is retail's "prerogative"

Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, has acknowledged that while the pre-owned videogame market is a challenge for publishers, the onus is on publishers to find a way to monetise the second-sale consumer.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz he also stated his belief that the sale of second-hand games - a practice which key specialist retailers in the West, including GAME and GameStop, rely upon - is "their perfect right," echoing comments made earlier this year by SEGA Europe boss Mike Hayes.

"It's their prerogative to do that," said Moore on the pre-owned market. "What we have to do as publishers is find ways of taking advantage of that.

"How do we monetise that second-sale consumer? I think online is the key to that, and finding ways of innovating with that consumer, because they still log-on, and we get access to them, so how do we sell them stuff?

"You like to think you make compulsive game experiences and people won't want to trade them in, but that's their perfect right.

"Again, our point as publisher would be that the business exists, it's a multi-billion dollar business - our job would be to figure out how we treat them as any other customer, how we monetise that consumer."

The first part of the GamesIndustry.biz interview with Peter Moore, in which he also talks about the next FIFA title and discusses the challenges of franchise iterations, is available now.

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