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James McDonough and Adam Patyk behind the storyline.

San Francisco, Calif. - October 23, 2008 - "Are you seeing this, General? - My people are all dead! What the hell did you lead us into here?" - Major Kane.

Mastiff and Renegade Kid are proud to announce that they have teamed up with writers James McDonough and Adam Patyk (Hellboy, Transformers and much more) of THE ENEMY to turn the dark and twisted storyline into something even more ominous.

"Working on Moon has been an absolute blast," said writer Adam Patyk of THE ENEMY. "The fantastic gameplay and striking graphics are some of the first things you notice about the game, and that played a big role in why we were so excited when Mastiff asked us to get involved in helping to refine the characters and story for Moon."

Taking place on the cold lunar surface in the year 2058, Moon places gamers in control of Major Kane of the Extra Terrestrial Encounter Organization, who has been summoned to the newly established Lunar Base Alpha to investigate what has been described as a sealed hatch embedded in the surface of the moon. His briefing is interrupted when a hostile force sweeps through the base, annihilating everything and everyone in its path. It is now up to Major Kane to enter the hatch and seek out the truth that lies below the surface of our Moon.

"Without the preconceived notions of an existing franchise, working on Moon gave an opportunity for everyone involved in the game's production to really work from the ground up and modify characters' roles and motivations to best serve the story and produce the most entertaining final product," said Patyk.

"We are definitely excited to have had the opportunity to work with creative minds at THE ENEMY," said Bill Swartz, Head Woof at Mastiff. "They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and we feel that players will truly appreciate Moon's rich character development anddeep storyline."

Look for Moon in stores this November.

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