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Moon Base Eridani

SaintXi's Light of Altair to get a sequel next year.

SaintXi is excited to announce the first sequel to their flagship title Light of Altair. Being set within the same universe as the original game, Moon Base Eridani continues the story of the original game from a very different viewpoint. While Light of Altair focused on the wide interstellar expansion of Humanity into the stars, Moon Base Eridani looks deeper into what it takes to be a colonist in a hostile world.

Based on player feedback, Moon Base Eridani concentrates on allowing the player to make their own choices to secure their colonies’ growth. With this free form gameplay, the game is infinitely re-playable with different results every time based on the decisions you make. Creative director Thomas de Rivaz remarks “Without the restraints of scripted missions, we have much more time to improve on the core gameplay that made Light of Altair fun. Moon Base Eridani keeps the player thinking about a ‘better’ way of laying out their colony. This iterative play style keeps a player’s interest peaked as they solve the mysteries of colonial management”. With multiple worlds to explore and many unique challenges to overcome within a dynamic economy and environment, Moon Base Eridani is set to create a new standard in simulations.

The sequel will be a sandbox version and is in development for release 2011.

“This it is just the beginning” – Thomas de Rivaz


SaintXi ( ) is an independent London based games studio. SaintXi develops high-quality games with a unique perspective for the PC market, and released its 1 st PC title - Light of Altair in 2009. 

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