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Monumental Games funding

MMO engine developer trousers £300,000 from Technology Strategy Board.

Nottingham UK, 23rd September 2008. – Nottingham-based Monumental Games has won nearly £300,000 of funding from the Technology Strategy Board as part of a project to revolutionise the Monumental Technology Suite, the Massively-Multiplayer Engine that now has over 40 licensees worldwide.

The £700,000 project, which will focus on making the Suite’s tools ‘accessible to all’ and providing a browser-compatible development route, begins this month with the objective of commercialising the results within a 2-year time-frame.

Project Chairman Rocco Loscalzo (CTO of Monumental) praised the approach of the Technology Strategy Board. “This is the first year that the Technology Strategy Board has invited applications from the Creative Industries, and it is encouraging to see recognition for the contribution made by such industries to the UK economy. This award for Collaborative Research and Development has enabled us to kick-start a commercially viable but inherently high-risk project, and we can’t wait to get going with our partners.”

Monumental Games are the Lead Participant of the consortium that will be taking part in the project. Academic Partner Staffordshire University will join Monumental in the requisite research. Appropriately, the coming academic year sees Staffordshire launch the UK’s first dedicated Multiplayer Online Game Design & Programming courses. Other partners include Media and Game Technologies who will provide an integrated billing system, and PlayGen and Digital Native Academy (DNA) who will be providing consultation on various aspects of the project.

Ewan Lamont, who will be managing the project having been instrumental in winning the award, spoke highly of the consortium. “With these partners we have the ideal breadth of experience and cover all aspects of the route to market. Working together I am convinced we will see fantastic results.”

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About Monumental Games

Monumental Games (Nottingham, UK) is a game development studio specialising in the design, production, operation and management of large-scale consumer MMO games for the global marketplace.

Monumental develops the Monumental Technology Suite (MTS), a complete MMO game development middleware solution. MTS enables developers to focus on innovative content development and end-product quality, and contains everything investors, publishers, and developers, need to take MMO products quickly, securely and cost effectively to market.

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