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Montreal is Game!

Alliance numériQC heading for this year's E3 with 18 Québec-based video game companies

Montreal, May 4, 2006 - Québec's game companies will be participating in full force at the next E3 being held in Los Angeles from May 8 to 12. Eighteen companies will showcase their work at the Canada Pavilion, located in the West Hall (Booth No. 2108). Set up by Telefilm Canada, the Canada Pavilion at E3 will again be hosting a large delegation from Québec, with the participation of 20 out of 30 organizations.

Come and meet the many talented and innovative exhibitors who offer a wide range of games and services for all platforms. You can also have a look at an overview of the Québec game industry in a video produced by Alliance numériQC, in partnership with Investissement Québec.

Why all the buzz about Montreal? Québec's game industry has become a real hot-spot, with 70 companies and some 3500 employees. Ubisoft's largest in-house development studio is located in Montreal. Electronic Arts also has a development studio and Activision recently acquired Beenox, a developer located in Quebec City. Independent studios like A2M and Sarbakan work with major international partners. Mobile games are another specialty, offered by Gameloft, EA Mobile Games (formerly Jamdat Canada), Humagade and Airborne Entertainment, a worldwide leader in mobile entertainment publishing headquartered in Montreal.

Many of the great games and AAA titles are produced in Québec. Renowned licenses include the Splinter Cell, Tom Clancy's, Prince of Persia and Far Cry series. Among the film-based games are Peter Jackson's King Kong, X-Men, Spider Man, Scooby-Doo and Monster Inc. Then, there are the games based on TV characters, like Family Guy and South Park.

A strong technological background is the foundation for Québec's high level of creativity. In fact, world renowned software like Autodesk's 3dsMax and Motion Builder and Avid's SOFTIMAGE|XSI were developed in Montreal.

Canada's game industry event par excellence is the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS), organized by Alliance numériQC. More than 800 participants are expected to attend the 3rd edition being held in Montreal on November 8-9, 2006. MIGS is a specialized event for game professionals who provide an environment that is conducive to learning, networking and discussing, and includes a two day program of conferences hosted by world-renowned experts in programming, visual arts, game design, audio design, production and business.

Want to know more about Québec's game companies? Stop by the Canada Pavilion in the West Hall (Booth No. 2108) and meet with Alliance numériQC and the following companies:

Québec companies at the E3 2006 Canada Pavilion,
West Hall, Booth No. 2108

Arcadia -
Bug Tracker -
D-Box Motion Simulator -
Darwin Dimensions -
Distribusoft -
Enzyme Labs -
Fugitive Interactive -
Frima Studio -
Humagade -
Mistic Software -
Preview Media -
QA International -
Q8 Intelligent Systems -
Quazal -
Sarbakan -
Tribal Nova -
True Player Gear -
Wave generation -

Alliance numériQC -
Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) -
Investissement Québec -

More companies from Québec are exhibitors at E3 2006:

A.I Implant Kentia Hall MR 7042
Alchemic Dream Inc. Kentia Hall MR 7526
Autodesk West Hall MR 518
Babel Media West Hall 2228
Beenox, an Activision Studio South Hall 1200
Electronic Arts South Hall 1000
Kutoka Interactive Kentia Hall 7510
Gameloft West Hall 2200
Strategy First Kentia Hall 7207
Ubisoft South Hall 924

About Alliance numériQC

Alliance numériQC is the business network for Québec's interactive digital content and multimedia industry. It supports businesses in their expansion and facilitates their development by offering a wide range of services that match their needs. Alliance numériQC also plays a unifying role and represents its industry both at home and abroad and gives it a distinctive voice within public and private forums.

Alliance numériQC E3 Contact:

Jean-François Arseneau
Business Development
Canada Pavilion, West Hall, Booth 2108
Tel.: (514) 581-3966
Tel.: (213) 743-7104

Montreal International Game Summit E3 Contact:
Jean-Pierre Faucher
Executive Director
Tel.: (514) 885-7235

- 30 -

Source : Alliance numériQC

Claudia Marcoux
Tel.: (514) 848-7177 #351

335, boul. de Maisonneuve East, suite 300
Montreal (Québec) H2X 1K1

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