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Monster Frenzy

Mini-game-filled platform puzzler set in the year 2020.

Sheffield UK , 8th August 2008 – Lexicon Entertainment, a leading publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure software for video game console systems and personal computers world-wide, is pleased to announce, in collaboration with Bluestone Interactive Limited, the publishing of Monster Frenzy on Nintendo DS.

Monster Frenzy is a visual comic stylized platform puzzle romp aimed at the casual gaming market that comes complete with its own wacky backdrop story, packed full of mini games, a loveable cast and loads of surprises that will keep your thumbs and fingers pinned to the control pad.

The year is 2020 and strange and dastardly things are happening all around the world not least people are disappearing from their homes! The police are mystified and even the Secret Service have failed to find a single missing person, although both have their suspicions and a certain Doctor Webstein springs to mind, who so happens to be the most knowledgeable mind when it came to the Internet, for this was where the finger pointed with a most astonishing outcome.

It had also been deduced that from the depths of the universe, one dark menace had arrived... an alien virus that had entered cyberspace and had captured and eaten humans…………..who at the time has been connected to the Internet.

Tina,Yo, Giovanni and Greta had caught the virus but Doctor Webstein with his VOP (Virtual Operation Disk) had saved them with the message…... for all players, boys and girls, men and women to help in the battle with the alien invasion... ..the only way is to fight the Monsters in their habitat and save the world…………………….

Monster Frenzy is a fast paced action game with hand to eye co-ordination and recognition skills necessary to progress through the game. On offer are inventive end l boss levels with bonus stages mixed in with options to play the levels separately, over and over or on a time limit, PLUS a compelling multiplayer option. Join in the battle and save the world as we know it.

In the main game, Story Mode, you meet every challenge head on to get to the next level. Consisting of 9 levels each with a final boss and bonus level there is a variation of shooting rapidly moving icons, to quickly matching pairs, moving objects selectively to their own wall and moving chain play with guidance and skill. Each combination of levels lead towards boss and bonus features……… that’s if you survive. The option to play at different skill levels and any of the games in either endless loops or as timed challenges is an added bonus! PLUS for multiplayer you have the choice of two selections where you win if you complete a mini game level before the challenger and where you win if you survive longer than the challenger, in both cases your actions affect the challenger. In ‘Chain’ if you make a Chain which has more then 3 icons it will send 1 bomb on the screen of your opponent , 4 icons 2 bombs, 6 or more icons 3 bombs, etc. In Pairs, there aren't bombs. If you make a pair the opponent loses an icon in the same 2 positions where you made the pair. The real beauty is Monster Frenzy is instantly playable!

Features include:

• Great Tutorial Video’s – to help get you into the action seamlessly

• Exciting and challenging Game Modes

• Compatible with Nintendo Rumble Pack

• Great Sound FX and Music

• Save feature and extensive menu options

• Boss level confrontations with final BOSS

• Monster Frenzy offers bags full of variety with 3 different modes that add to the game’s longevity and enjoyment with:

• Story Mode consisting of 9 levels each with 3-4 mini games and a final Boss level in each. The levels cover shooting (3 types), pairs, wall, chains & mole levels.

• Endless Mode, where each of the games including a snake level, can be played at any time. Here the player can select and play all the 14 mini games for unlimited time or until the players energy level reaches 0.

• Multiplayer mode has a choice of two selections. Multiplayer mode 1 where you win if you complete a mini game level before the challenger and Multiplayer mode 2 where you win if you survive longer than the challenger

Monster Frenzy, complete with its great graphics and superb cast is ideally suited to the DS Nintendo but can you save the world………………….?

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Release date: Q4 2008

Price: £19.99

Rating: 3+

About Lexicon Entertainment

Lexicon Entertainment is a leading publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for video game console systems and personal computers. The company was founded to provide an interactive element towards a vision of a state-of-the-art, multi-faceted entertainment company. Since its inception in 2005, Lexicon Entertainment has continually been heralded for its focus on creating rich, immersive worlds for players to discover. Lexicon Entertainment games continually receive critical acclaim and attain commercial success, with the company’s products shipped to over 25 territories.

About Bluestone Interactive Limited

Bluestone Interactive Limited is a newly formed publisher and distributor of interactive games with the management experience nearly 40 years within the video games business. Experience in all areas within the gaming community from Sales Marketing and development of new brands of Interactive software ensure their titles will focus on the crucial factors of fun, innovation and enjoyment. A vision to become a global publisher of merit within 5 years targeting games which have mass appeal is the goal for the company, which will be developing on many of the next gen platforms.

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