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Monster Free Apps

Free apps for your iPhone with Monster's new platform.

As any iOS user can attest to, navigating through the jungle of more than 400,000 apps on the App Store trying to find top-quality content is at its best a daunting experience! Especially if you’re looking for the best paid apps at no cost! Developer Monster Mobile has entered the App Store with the release of their premium product, “Monster Free Apps” ( www.MonsterFreeApps.com) – an app that offers to give you the option to receive paid apps for FREE, every single day!

It is common knowledge that apps that are normally only available for purchase on occasion becomes available for free (for a limited period of time); the challenge for the user is to know, “when” those quality apps become free iphone apps, and it is more common than not, that once the news of the free promotion has reached the user, the apps are no longer part of a (free) promotion!

“Monster Free Apps” is unique in many ways! Not only is the app itself available for free, it offers daily push-notifications that alert users when paid apps become available for free. In a way, “Monster Free Apps” does all the work for you. You don’t need to check in every day; a daily message is sent through the app itself allowing you to handpick which top apps are of interest, available, and offered for free on that given day! All you need to do is make a decision whether to take advantage of the opportunity to download it or not! With its polished and clean user interface, “Monster Free Apps” is intuitive and simple to use and it will save you download time, in addition to time wasted looking for those top paid apps having a promotion, and will quickly become your personal portal to the best content on the App Store!

Developer Monster Mobile has ambitious goals for “Monster Free Apps” onwards: working directly with developers it is the intention of offering exclusive deals on the best apps, deals that are only accessible through “Monster Free Apps”, in addition to porting the app itself to other major smart-phones.

Monster Free Apps is available from the App Store here:


App Hot-Links!

Website URL http://monsterfreeapps.com

Face Book http://www.facebook.com/MonsterFreeApps

Twitter http://twitter.com/MonsterFreeApps

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/MonsterFreeApps


About Monster Mobile:

Monster Mobile’s entry into the mobile application world comes with a commitment to put customers first. By offering a free app that allows users to save money and get good-quality top paid apps for free, Monster Free Apps will quickly become one of the most essential apps to have on the Apple iPhone®  

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