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Monde Media Solutions acquisition

Localization outfit picked up by QA specialist Bug-Tracker.

Montreal, July 16th, 2009

Bug-Tracker Laboratories, a company specializing in quality assurance services for the video game industry, acquires Monde Media Solutions an institution specializing in localization for video games.

Bug-Tracker Laboratories, one of the world leaders in quality assurance dedicated to the interactive entertainment industry, holding their main offices in Montreal, confirms it will widen its range of services by acquiring Monde Media Solutions, a young Montreal-based institution specializing in translation, localization integration and cultural adaptation for video games.

“We are very happy with this new acquisition and the synergy that it creates between both companies”, declares Antoine Carre, President of Bug-Tracker Laboratories. “The combination of our respective services allows us to offer all-encompassing proposals to our customers, bringing an operational solution to recurring needs felt by many major players in the video game industry”.

Bug-Tracker’s presence in Canada, Europe and Asia affords many new outlets and opportunities for Monde Media Solutions in these territories.

The two companies will keep their independence with respect to their own clients, but the convergence of both sets of services will make it possible to offer global solutions to interested customers. These will include translation in more than 15 languages, integration of translated texts, images and sounds, technical and cultural multilingual adaptation, localized audio recordings, game testing and analysis, localization testing resulting from the localization integration process, as well as customer support in several languages.

“We are elated by this new association with Bug-Tracker and all of the opportunities for growth that such an affiliation will bring to both companies.” adds Jean-Robert Michel, general manager at Monde Media Solutions. “This marriage will make it possible for our company to benefit from Bug-Tracker’s extensive management and marketing resources, while we concentrate on developing and perfecting our processes and our versatile localization tools suite.

Some of the clear advantages for our customers will be the improvement of the quality of our localizations, the flexibility and responsiveness brought by being present on three continents, the efficiency of having our respective resources in close proximity, and of course, the reduction in localization costs”.

About Bug-Tracker Laboratories: www.bug-tracker.com

Bug-Tracker Laboratories is one of the leading vendors in quality assurance for video game publishers and developers. In the last 10 years, Bug-Tracker Laboratories has managed projects in 15 languages for more than 200 customers and partners in 26 countries. Thanks to the irreproachable quality of its work, its proven methods and its innovative approach to testing, Bug-Tracker Laboratories has contributed to the success of more than 3000 projects (consoles, PC, online games, Internet sites, etc).


Antoine Carre

Bug-Tracker Laboratories


(1) 514.496 0093 x221


About Monde Media Solutions: www.mondemedia.com

Monde Media Solutions is a company offering a full range of video game localization services to publishers, developers and partners. In the last 5 years, Monde Media Solutions has completed localization projects in more than 20 languages on more than 10 different video gaming platforms.


Jean-Robert Michel

Monde Media Solutions

General Manager

(1)514.496 9721 x237


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