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MojoPlay launches new gaming website -

New site offers innovative new gaming accessories and a vibrant gaming community


Pomona, California, August 8, 2005 : Today a new gamer's destination on the web was born, . features news about the latest video games, consoles and accessories - and other topics of interest to the young technologically savvy demographic, such as movies, music and cool gadgets. The site features user reviews, interactive forums and original media to give gaming enthusiasts a place to interact with each other and share their creative works.

MojoPlay was founded by a group of gear-heads that believe in providing innovative accessories to the gaming community. The MojoPlay team includes a global group of engineers from various disciplines dedicated to giving gamers alternative ways to enjoy their digital entertainment. The new site provides a place where gamers can interact with manufacturers and engineers directly. The MojoPlay team's vision is for the site to be a place for gamers to provide useful feedback to its product managers and in turn, shape the future of MojoPlay products.

MojoPlay designs, manufactures and distributes advanced gaming accessories including LCD gaming monitors, joysticks, speakers and MP3 players. The first product rollout will include a 7 console for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) PlayStation II Slim; as well as a universal 7 console for any gaming unit with video outputs. Features:

- Gaming News & Reviews

- Interactive User Forums

- Media Downloads (Video & Audio)

- Online Arcade

- Gaming Related Links

- Retail Shopping in the Mojo Shop

To celebrate the launch of the new site, users are encouraged to join the Mojo Forum, to win a new Microsoft (MSFT) - XBOX 360. One of the first 250 members will win the new MojoPlay 7 console and the first hundred gamers to join will receive a free MojoPlay t-shirt.

Contact Information:

Christian Brantley

Brantley & Logan

949-251-0245 x140

Joanna Zhang

Communications Specialist


909-598-8665 x30


2005 MojoPlay. All rights reserved . MojoPlay is a registered trademark. PlayStation II Slim is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. XBOX 360 is a registered trademark of Microsoft. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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