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The official "Modern Naval Battles - WWII at Sea" website is now open. Visit for details, gameplay overviews and screenshots for's first naval based wargame due out in 2005!

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Attack, Defend, Plan and Organize your fleet and then Attack some more! Modern Naval Battles - World War Two at Sea is an easy, fast and fun game offering accessable gameplay, a host of options and tons of naval action!

Take command of mighty Battleships like the Yamato and the Bismark, Aircraft Carriers such as the Hiryu and Yorktown, cruisers like the Fletcher and Hipper class and the stealthy and deadly attack submarines.

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Concept art / screenshots:

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION is an independent internet-based publisher and developer of superior war and strategy games, among them the award-winning 3D tactical WWII combat simulation series Combat Mission (three successive Wargame of the Year Awards).

Other titles include Strategic Command - European Theater (PC Gamer - 90%), as well as the famous TacOps4 modern combat simulation, a commercial version of the official tactical training tool used by the US Army. Besides computer games, offers a selection of books, prints and other warfare related articles to one of the world's largest and fastest growing wargamer fan communities. Find out more at

Dan Verssen Games (DVG) is a freelance game design company around award-winning game designer Dan Verssen. It has established an industry wide reputation for creating easy to learn, fun to play, award-winning games, such as the Modern Naval Battles series, Hornet Leader, Thunderbolt + Apache Leader, the 4 games in the Down In Flames WWII Dogfight series, The Star Trek Collectible Dice Game, The 7th Sea CCG, The Corellian Smuggler and Indiana Jones games for Shadis Magazine, Road Kill for Avalaon Hill, and the 2 Flagship games. Find out more at


If you have any questions about this press release, or would like to request additional information, screenshots, exclusive assets or interview opportunities with the publisher or developer, please contact:

Martin van Balkom

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