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Digital Jesters Unveils Results Of Nationwide Poll; Seven ‘Gaming Sins’ Compiled

Eleven per cent of games-players have ignored their partner's telephone call in order to continue playing videogames, a survey by 7 Sins publisher Digital Jesters has revealed.

This forms one of the Seven Gaming Sins, which has been unveiled in a comprehensive test of the games-playing nation's morality.

Cheating topped the poll of gaming sins, with 26.1 per cent admitting to inputting codes or exploiting loopholes to further their progress. Playing pirated computer games came second, with 16.8 per cent of respondents indicating they'd played games obtained illegally.

6.7 per cent of respondents claimed to have sabotaged a competitor's game in order to gain an advantage, whilst a shameful 4.3 per cent of respondents admitted to feigning illness to play games when they should be working.

"It's been an interesting survey - and shows that games players are used to the concept of lying, cheating, deceiving and conniving," says Leo Zullo, marketing Director, Digital Jesters. "Whilst they're able to do some of the above in most games, only 7 Sins actively encourages it, providing a large slice of despicable, entertaining all-round fun - although we wouldn't recommend it PlayStation or PC owners who are easily offended."

The Seven Gaming Sins admitted by respondents are as follows:

1. Cheating: Using cheats to progress in games (26.1 per cent)

2. Stealing: Playing pirated games (18.68)

3. Ignorance: Leaving partner's phone call to continue playing (11 per cent)

4. Sabotage: Deliberately hindering or altering someone else's game (6.7 per cent)

5. Lying: Feigning illness from work in order to play computer games (4.3 per cent)

6. Coveting: Only borrowing games from a friend's library rather than buying your own copy (3.2 per cent)

7. Spitefulness: Giving away game endings deliberately. (2.7 per cent)

The survey was conducted by, and polled 1164 members of the public. In this instance, 72.68 per cent of respondents admitted to a specific gaming sin.

7 Sins is available now for PlayStation 2 and PC, published by Digital Jesters.

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