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Mochi Media launches MochiAds To Public, Finally a Way To Help Indie Game Developers Make Money

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) - October 16, 2007 - Today Mochi Media announced the public launch of MochiAds, an online games ad network connecting advertisers with independent game developers looking to monetize and share their games.

The MochiAds network already supports over 1,000 game developers, providing them with opportunities to make money by inserting around-game advertising into their games. The ads show as games are discovered and virally distributed across blogs, social networks and other sites by the estimated 237 million consumers who play online games. Bloons, a popular game on the network, received over 7 million ad impressions across approximately 26,160 sites and 217 countries and territories in September 2007. The viral nature of game distribution enables developers to be rewarded regardless of the website on which the games are played.

There are two types of advertisements, pre-game or inter-level, which are viewed as the game is loading or during natural breaks in game play. The ad-serving technology allows developers flexibility over where ads show on a per-domain basis, and the ability to remove them at any time. Unlike sponsorships and licenses, MochiAds does not bind game developers with contractual agreements. Developers can join or leave the network at any time, but are incentivized to stay with attractive benefits such as free game hosting and a growing range of distribution deals with sites such as Hi5 and RockYou Games.

Mochi Media was founded by two game developers, Jameson Hsu and Bob Ippolito, to foster the growth and prestige of independent game developers around the world. Prior to Mochi Media, Hsu co-founded the award-winning interactive design firm, WDDG, where he connected his passion for game development with marketers looking to tap gaming audiences. While at WDDG, Hsu produced numerous advergames and award-winning advertising campaigns for companies such as HP, Kraft Foods, Altoids and Lego.

"We want to support the game development community, and we're excited to share this opportunity with more people. Our goal is to make our system as easy and useful as possible, so developers can focus on what they love," states Mochi Media CEO Jameson Hsu.

Developers can sign up for MochiAds by visiting https://www.mochiads.com/.

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