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Mobile Unconference

Get-together this month in Rotterdam to discuss mobile app development.

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – On Friday the 21th of May,, the Rotterdam Media Commission, Magrove’s Joris Verbogt, Codeglue and Syntens will be hosting a mobile unconference; an informal conference that focuses on mobile app developers.

Unlike many other gatherings for mobile app developers, this unconference won’t focus on marketing, pitches and sales, but solely on the development of the best new apps. After all, it all starts with the developers. During this unconference, developers, entrepreneurs and startups will informally discuss the latest trends in mobile software.

(Inter)national speakers

We are proud to present (inter)national speakers on the 21th of May. There will be a spokesperson for Microsoft, who will talk about Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Marketplace. Roomloaded will discuss the way in which roomware is used for mobile gamers to play on big screens. Distimo’s Vincent Hoogsteder will talk about the ‘The State of the App Stores’ and he will compare the stores. The German company Scoreloop, a pioneer in mobile social gaming will show visitors how to make money with mobile connected gaming communities. Lianne Sleebos, developer of My Stopbuddy will talk about marketing her application. US based company Zeemote is a leader in the area of mobile games and apps. Zeemote Ken Takagi will talk about their analogue stick, a device that can be used on various platforms.

Visitors’ presentations

Mobile app developers are invited to join us in Rotterdam on the 21th of May. Rotterdam is an inspiring city for new initiatives in the field of mobile apps, and especially for augmented reality apps. The unconference will be held in De Machinist, a hub for companies in the creative industry.

Visitors at this unconference can also claim their own ’15 minutes of fame’. They can enter the topic they would like to discuss on the application form and introduce this topic themselves with a short presentation at the unconference.

The origin of this Unconference

Syntens ( is an innovation network for small and medium enterprises. They started the mobile unconferences last year, as they noticed the trends in the new mobile app market. Trends such as direct sales to the consumer, which lowers the costs for downloading. Moreover, transparency and openness of the market for small developers opens the door for new successes. And this new market raises questions for developers, such as ‘how do I promote my app when there are thousands of apps available?’ and ‘how do I make money with my app?’

“This new industry is mostly undiscovered territory. We hope to find a path through it by sharing experiences in an informal way” – Michiel Poppink, advisor for Syntens

Soon Syntens was joined by the other organizing parties, all specialist in new media, games and app development. Our goal is to host successful international unconferences, to raise the mobile app market to a higher level. ( is one of the leading sources of news about mobile games and apps.

“With the introduction of new platforms, the mobile development industy is growing at a rapid pace. At this event, leading mobile developers can meet and learn from eachothers experience as well as expand their networks and knowledge of new platforms. This event is should be on the agendas of everyone that takes mobile development serious.” Arjan Olsder, Chief Editor

The Rotterdam Media Commission ( was founded to support the media industry in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The RMC stimulates innovation and the circulation of knowledge in the media industry.

“Rotterdam renews itself continuously, which makes it an inspiring city for the always developing new media industry. We are also a leading in the field of augmented reality apps. Moreover, we are happy to welcome visitors and speakers to this international conference in a city that has always opened its gates to the world!” – Hedi Legerstee, Commissioner Gaming & Interactive Media, Rotterdam Media Commission

Joris Verbogt from internet company Mangrove ( is a specialist in iPhone app development and the translation of web development to app development.

“If you're looking for an event that brings together mobile technology enthusiasts without being disturbed by marketing babble, this is it. There's no one-way conversation, it's all about you. You've got a story to tell!” - Joris Verbogt, Chief Developer, Mangrove

Game development studio Codeglue ( has years of experience with award-winning games and applications.

“The latest generation of smart phones, mobile internet and social platforms, they all offer developers tremendous opportunities to be successful. During the Unconference meetings developers can discuss the latest trends, developments and ideas. Don’t miss it!” - Peter de Jong, CEO Codeglue

More information:

Mobile Unconference

Date: 21 mei, 10:00 – 18:00 uur

Location: De Machinist, Willem Buytewechstraat 45, 3024 BK, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Entrance fee: 25 euros (incl. food and beverages)

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