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Mobile Game Conference Expands To Target Developer And Publisher Critical-Path Issues

Robert Tercek, Founding Chairman Of GDC Mobile, Joins Advisory Board

October 27-28, 2005 Mobile Game Conference Expands to Two Full Tracks This Year

AUSTIN, Texas - May 5, 2005 - The Game Initiative today announced the expansion of the Mobile Game Conference (MGC) taking place October 27-28, 2005 in Austin, Texas. Robert Tercek, Chief Marketing Officer with leading game publisher MFORMA, has joined the Mobile Game Conference advisory board. MGC takes place at the Austin Game Conference (AGC), the leading conference for developers of networked games.

"We're extremely pleased to have Rob re-join with Matthew Bellows, his Co-Chair for this year's GDC Mobile, to maximize the continuity of the critical-path knowledge the Mobile Game Conference will deliver to the developer and publisher communities," said Eric Goldberg, Chair of the Mobile Game Conference Advisory Board. "Rob and Matthew may claim that they don't know everybody and everything about mobile games but, in the next five months, I have every expectation that they will close that gap."

Additionally, the third annual Mobile Game Conference has expanded to two full conference tracks, providing attendees with critical elements they need to know to succeed in the mobile game development business. "Topics this year are planned to include how to build a differentiated casual game line if you don't have a spare $137 million to buy Tetris; commercially-deployed technologies in Europe and Asia that will confer competitive advantages in the US market within the next 12 months; and, of course, the expected keynotes and carrier panel," Goldberg said.

Speakers include decision-makers from leading mobile phone carriers, handset manufacturers, game developers and publishers.

"The Austin Mobile Game Conference is a gem that has been growing every year by leaps and bounds," said Jason Ford, General Manager of Games for Sprint, who spoke at last year's MGC. "It may not be held on the East or West coast, but it might as well be. The people you will network and learn from are first rate. You will be happy that you attended the Austin Mobile Game Conference."

More than 1,400 game leaders from around the world participated in the 2004 Austin Game Conference. The MGC and AGC draw from an international audience with attendees, speakers and exhibitors from as far away as China, Korea, France, UK, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. The Conference is dedicated to meeting the needs of professionals focused on networked game development including mobile games, massively multiplayer online games, online and internet multiplayer games for PCs, consoles.

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