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Mobile Distillery's Celsius J2ME Porting Solution Confirms Its Momentum In Mobile Gaming – Two-Year Deal With Exkee

Game Connection, Lyon, France, Dec 7th 2006 - Following a recent 14 month agreement with Lexis Mobile (a leading European Game Developer), a one year agreement with both Anxa/Playphone and Axellance, and multiple projects with IP4U, game development studio Exkee ( www.exkee.com) has entered into a two year licensing agreement with Mobile Distillery, to base their entire development production pipeline on Celsius. "For us as a developer, using Celsius is fully transparent. It enables us to focus on game development and move away from tedious porting issues", comments Denis Rafin, lead developer at Exkee. Toni Doublet, CEO of Exkee, continued: "Developing with Celsius helps us to reduce our schedules dramatically and brings down the cost of mobile game development and porting".

Also, just recently, Mobile Distillery signed a three year agreement with leading Interactive TV game Corporation Visiware ( www.visiware.com). The deal sees Visiware licensing Mobile Distillery's Celsius V3.5 software to enable it to effortlessly port existing and future Java games to more than 450 mobile European, US and Canadian handsets.

Mobile Distillery's Celsius solution is also widely deployed with other international game developers such as Recreate in India, and TouchLink Mobile in Ukraine.

With over 200 programmers trained with Celsius on a worldwide basis, over 100 games have been produced or are in production using Celsius.

Built on a rich Games feature set, Celsius was designed from the ground up with core technology developed and production proven for years by Kaolink (a leading European mobile game studio www.kaolink.com ). Over the last two years Mobile Distillery has added a host of new features for Mobile Gaming leading up to Version 3.5, which includes: Resource Bank architecture, Optimized Sprite system, Palette Swapping, Fps control, fully re-'mapable' keyboard etc. and a dedicated Celsius Forum ( https://forum.mobile-distillery.co.uk ).

In order to increase customers' workflow Mobile Distillery is also partnering with major mobile game solution providers to seamlessly integrate Celsius with their leading productivity tools, these include: Innaworks (J2ME compression & optimization) and Metaflow (solutions for provisioning & deployment of wireless content to all mobile sales channels).


About Mobile Distillery

Specialised in mobile Java technologies, especially J2ME and Doja, Mobile Distillery develops and sells unique solutions, enabling the optimisation and porting of mobile Java applications across more than 450 (Nov 2006) Java handsets in just a few clicks. These solutions radically simplify and optimise applications development processes, reduce porting cycles whilst generating cost savings, and accelerating time-to-market. Mobile Distillery's customers include game and mobile application publishers and developers, mobile marketing agencies and mobile Java engineering companies.

For more information, please visit, www.mobile-distillery.com or contact:

Andrew Durkin


Tel: +44 1628 502601


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