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Mobile Carrier Churn a Scorching Topic this Summer

Sennari’s CEO Bill Barhydt Interview Draws Thousands on KenRadio

LOS ANGELES, CA - Reduction of customer churn is a key business driver for wireless network operators; Sennari's CEO, Bill Barhydt, thinks his company has found the answer to this increasingly important topic. On Ken Radio's June 5th broadcast, Mr. Barhydt delivered his company's message to over 17,000 listeners, outlining the landscape for today's fiercely competitive mobile marketplace, and how wireless network operators must focus on network performance, customer support, and introduction of advanced services to increase customer retention rates.

In the discussion, Barhydt cited several ways that Sennari's service offering allows its partners to effectively deal with churn issues and keep customers loyal to remain with their current carrier. From creating cost of change and managing prize programs to addressing customer service issues, the basis of the company's Mobile Loyalty and Community Service (MLCS) platform helps publishers to manage these programs while increasing bottom line profits.

Sennari's MLCS platform is the industry's first fully-integrated suite of services that enable carriers and content publishers to easily deliver compelling games and content to mobile devices, while facilitating customer communication and interaction with the brand. In addition to providing marketing integration with mobile, pay-per-play, points-based payout, and prize catalogs, Sennari's technology enables real-time payments via the phone bill and provides all of the network interactivity required to bring sophisticated game technology to mobile handsets.

"Everything I've done in my career has focused on bridging the gap between compelling technology and compelling applications for that technology," said Barhydt. "From Wall Street to NASA to managing customer loyalty programs for carriers, in each case I've been involved in helping people use technology so it becomes more intuitive for them."

Recognized at the 2000 World Economic as one of the original group of 30 technology pioneers for his work in Internet technologies, Mr. Barhydt has several upcoming speaking engagements lined up for this year, including SuperNova 2005 Conference held June 20-22nd at the San Francisco Palace Hotel.

Barhydt continued, "At the end of the day it's all about helping carriers and publishers better manage the relationships with their customers. At Sennari we have embraced a technology model to help carriers and content publishers to create a cost of change where currently none exists."

For more information, or to reserve a meeting with Mr. Barhydt, please contact Vijay S. Chattha at sennari@vscconsulting.com, or 415.305.6041.

About Sennari

Sennari provides mobile carriers, game publishers, music and video publishers and other content-based entertainment companies with solutions for maintaining customer loyalty, reducing churn and creating new revenue streams. Sennari is a privately held corporation, funded by Novak Biddle Venture Partners and Blacksmith Capital. For more information, visit www.sennari.com.

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