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Mobile Amusements release Tommy Gun

For Immediate Release

Southbourne, Hampshire, U.K. Monday 16th April 2007:

Mobile Amusements announces the release of a new original mobile action title.

Parachuting Carrots?, A lolly spitting giant Lemon?, Evil Clowns? Er, what?... It must be... TOMMY GUN

Take control of a killer Tomato with attitude, in this cute 'n' crazy shoot-em-up with a difference!

Can Tommy Gun rescue his Tomato buddies and defeat the creatures that have overrun the three huge zones from Supermarket City, Paradise Island and finally to the Fairground Attractions where the evil Boss Clown awaits?

In this side on scrolling action shooter you play 'Tommy' who is armed to the teeth with a various array of weaponry in order to vanquish the inhabitants of the 3 zones. Amongst these also are mad Pirate Parrots, a giant Galleon armed with cannons and guarded by gun wielding Crabs and Lobsters, Ghost Trains steaming out of fairground fixtures and more colourful creatures that you can shake a stick at.


Original gameplay! Crazy shoot-em-up action! Many unusual creatures and bosses! Interactive bonus items! Colourful graphics throughout! Suitable for all ages!

The mobile single player conversion of Mutation's Software's original 1996 Amiga crazy shooter of the same name, makes its colourful debut on java mobiles whilst Mobile Amusements currently expands it's distribution into new territories in the coming weeks and months ahead.

"Mobile Amusements have attempted to cram in as much as possible from the original title into java based mobile devices, whilst covering as many older and newer handsets as possible and maintaining the 'quick game snack' nature of mobile phone gaming". stated CEO Adrian Cummings.

In future, Mobile Amusements will hopefully be able to further expand the end gaming experience at j2me device level as newer more powerful popular handsets emerge and consumers upgrade their devices slowly but surely. "Currently there are quite a few limitations with common low to mid-range devices today that to any java/j2me developer are barriers to overcome when covering a lot of handsets as compared to developing for older machines like Amiga and Megadrive etc. in the past" Adrian added.

More information can be found at or contact in the first instance for all other enquires relating to this new title.

About Mobile Amusements:

Mobile Amusements is a UK based independent mobile entertainment developer and publisher headed by games industry veteran Adrian Cummings.

Operating within the games industry as an experienced commercially published developer since 1989 and moving into the mobile games arena in 2005, Mobile Amusements creates fresh new and appealing mobile content for mobile gamers everywhere, as well as more seasoned titles on a wide range of devices using it's own in house porting procedures, marketing and delivery services which seamlessly integrate into it's publishing partners business activities.

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