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Mobile 3D Game "Cyboid" Ready For Nokia N-Gage QD Phones


LOS ANGELES, CA (May 19, 2006) - Bobbee Tec, llc. announced today that the Nokia N-Gage QD version of their Cyboid 3D game is now complete and will be released online at their website,, on Monday, May 22.

Bobbee Tec shipped Cyboid earlier this month for Nokia 3650, Nokia 7650 and Nokia N-Gage cell phones, and today's release offers the same high-speed 3D multiplayer action to owners of Nokia N-Gage QD mobiles!

About Cyboid
Cyboid is a "bleeding-edge" 3D multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) that brings PC-style full-screen graphics, sounds, music, and special effects to current- and previous-generation cell phones. Players see through the eyes of their fighter as they explore true 3D worlds filled with creatures, monsters and opponents while grabbing the best weapons and powerups to help them survive!

Cyboid offers fast and furious action to solo gamers as well as up to eight friends over Bluetooth, and features special effects that include vibration, multi-channel music and spatial sound. Cyboid provides long-term gaming value with multiple skill levels, game modes and a huge variety of settings and options that let players define their own style of fun based on their individual gaming skills and experience.

Cyboid further extends gameplay with a variety of optional add-ons that include completely new levels as well as separate monsters, items, powerups and other extras that automatically work with a player's existing levels!

For more about Cyboid, along with plenty of in-game screenshots, please visit

About Bobbee Tec, llc.
Founded in 2002, Bobbee Tec, llc. is an innovative and independent R&D company focused on bringing advanced technologies to portable and handheld devices. Bobbee Tec is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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