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Mob Ties Moscow

Sequel to Mob Ties Tokyo set for release next year.


Spokane, WA - March 23, 2009 - E.V.E. Digital has started development on a sequel to their PC game “Mob Ties Tokyo”. The sequel to be titled “Mob Ties Moscow” is expected to be released by the two-person development team, Chance Miller & Jillian Fontaine, in early 2010.

“Since our first “Mob Ties” game launched in early March, we have been getting an enormous amount of positive feedback from the gaming community.” Chance says. “One of the top comments we receive from people who have played the game is how they love the “retro” feel of it.”

The original game was made on a tiny indie budget, so having the graphics level of a high-end multi-million dollar title was not an option for the developers, who intend to keep the retro style going in their next game.

“In the end, it all worked out really well.” Jillian adds. “Many gamers have said online that the novelty of high-end, expensive “eye candy” wears off after the first level. What matters most to PC game players is a great storyline, character interaction and exciting game play.”

With the sequel, the team plans to continue the same successful formula of combining an immersive storyline with non-stop “shoot ‘em up” action.

“Mob Ties Tokyo” is currently available at

About EVE:

EVE: Electronic Visual Elements is a privately owned, independent game development and digital video studio currently based in North America and founded in 2005. E.V.E’s games are dedicated to immersive story archs, innovative character interaction and top quality game play.


Jillian Fontaine & Chance Miller, Developers EVE: Electronic Visual Elements Email:



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