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Mnemonic Studios hints at Saints Row sequel

Popular Xbox 360 IP to get second mobile outing?

It's new IP that has made a strong impression in the early life of Microsoft's Xbox 360 home console - with the mobile version of Saints Row also benefiting from a huge marketing push from publisher THQ.

Now developer Mnemonic Studios has hinted that features that didn't make the first mobile game could possibly be included in a sequel.

Describing elements of the Xbox 360 version of the title that were not included in the mobile game, Matthew Magee of Mnemonic Studios commented, "The car jacking is great fun, so is the racing, but the Demolition Derby activity is one of my favourite parts of the console game and I would have loved to include that in the mobile version."

"Sadly we ran out of time so we couldn't add it, but perhaps that's something that could be added to any possible sequel," he hinted.

Discussing the most challenging aspects of developing the mobile version of Saints Row, Magee cited the sheer size of the project as the biggest challenge faced by the development team.

"The scale of what we were attempting was the most challenging aspect of this project," said Magee.

"We had to build a city with a working traffic system, pedestrians wandering around, AI to control the police pursuits and the combat with opposing gang members. Add to that the vehicle physics, the missions and activities, and so on and you start to realise how large the game really is," he added.

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