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MMO Football Expanding!

June 5th 2007

Kent, England: Staggan Interactive would like to announce the start of its operator and affiliate program for United Football, its MMO Football title.

Martyn Hughes, Managing Director of Staggan Interactive, announced that following successful launch of United Football, Staggan are now looking for operators and affiliate game sites or portals to help get United Football to the masses.

Martyn Hughes, Managing Director had this to say, "Everyone keeps asking us why this game is not well known and why does it not have more players? So we had to try and explain that we are a small independent developer and that we needed to deliberately keep the game small until we were sure the game was stable enough and fun enough to support lots of players. Now we are sure and ready to open the floodgates. We are looking for long term partners to help us build our player base all over the world, starting primarily with Europe. We want partners who know their player habits, their likes, dislikes and how to fire those players up. We are already close to signing a local operating partner for Brazil and the Portuguese speaking territories, who are going to run the game and support the players with events, marketing and competitions in the local market."

United Football already has almost 40,000 players spread across the world, with major communities in Brazil, Portugal, Russia and Spain. Unlike most MMO games United Football players can see everyone online, on all servers, all of the time, without the need to cross between different servers or shards of the game world. This means that players in the UK can play with players in the USA, Asia or anywhere else without having to hunt for the right game server, making the game far more accessible and easier to manage than games that are split by geographic location.

About United Football:

United Football is a free to play multiplayer football (soccer!) game where each player on the pitch is controlled by a gamer located anywhere around the world. United Football also includes in-game AI controlled "bots" for those times when there are not enough players around to make up full teams, as well as in-game chatrooms, messaging and a buddy list to keep track of your friends. The game is free and updated on a regular basis with Staggan's ethos being "Release early, update often and be led by the community, since after all, they play the game!"

If you are interested in trying out your soccer skills go to register and play.

For those interested in discussing distribution or affiliation please see the contact details below.

Contact Details:



About Staggan Interactive:

Staggan Interactive is a small, independent UK developer specialising in online sports games. Staggan has spent the last few years working and developing the technology and concept behind its current title, United Football, which is the first in the line of a new genre and style of sports games. Staggans team jointly has over 30 years in game development, on many different platforms and many different genres.

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