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Best Selling Author Brings a Point and Click Fantasy Adventure with MMO and Community Elements to Next Generation Consoles, Handhelds, PCs and Macs and author Darren Reid today announced that they are brining an all new point and click fantasy adventure to PCs and consoles. Darren Reid's The Half Broken Crown: The Broken Kingdoms is an all new game based upon the best selling author's upcoming novel The Half Broken Crown. The game is a point and click style adventure which incorporates MMO elements which allow all online players to communicate and solve puzzles through collaboration and cooperation.

The Broken Kingdom sees players working in the same world as Reid's upcoming novel The Half Broken Crown, decades after the events in the book. The game is presented from a first person perspective and is heavily reliant upon puzzle solving rather than combat requiring players to work together in order to solve a series of scenes and puzzles.

"Of all my upcoming projects this is perhaps the one I am most excited about," admitted Reid, "It is a unique opportunity for me to expand upon the [upcoming] book and to tell new stories."

The Broken Kingdoms is set for release this June (final date TBC) and will be free to play with optional micro-transactions available to enhance the player's experience. The main game, being co-developed by James O'Hara, will feature over 100 unique screens and be a complete, self contained experience. Additional in-game purchases will open up episodic content that will exponentially increase the size of the game over the course of 2007 with episode prices ranging from $2.50-$5.00, depending upon the depth of the content being purchased. The game will be launched exclusively on and be playable through internet web browsers with specific and individual versions designed for Wii, DS, PS3, PSP, PC and Mac. All console and computer versions of the game will be fully featured however the DS and PSP editions will not immediately support the multiplayer components of the game.

Darren Reid's The Half Broken Crown: The Broken Kingdoms will launch in June 2007 and will be updated throughout the year with optional episodic content being added regularly. The next release on will be published author Kyrinn Synthea Eis' novelette _Slither On which will be released in editions suitable for PC/Mac, Wii/DS, PS3/PSP and Apple iPod on Wednesday, June 6th. A developer's journal has also started on's official myspace page ( which will chart the remaining weeks of development.

For more information and screen shots of Darren Reid's The Half Broken Crown: The Broken Kingdoms and Kim Synthea Eis' _Slither On please visit For more information on Darren Reid please visit

About Darren Reid and Darren Reid is a best selling fantasy author and is currently readying two novels for publication this year. In addition to his debut bestseller, Lords of Darkness and Shadow, Reid also wrote the interactive Wizard of Oz prequel The Sword of Oz. grew out of Reid's free ebook library which offers a substantial series of free downloadable content for readers. launched in early 2007 and has expanded to include a number of notable and upcoming authors including D.A. Adams, Kim Silva, D.W. Goyette and Kyrinn Synthea Eis. titles are also being utilized by a number of magazines for inclusion on upcoming cover discs including British magazine Playstation World.

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