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MMA Lightweight Champ Ed West Joins Running With Scissors Growing Stable of Winning Fighters

West "Goes POSTAL", scores major win at Rage in the Cage!


November 16, 2005


Tucson, AZ Running With Scissors (RWS), "the world's most dangerous software company" has demonstrated a golden touch when it comes to sponsoring mixed martial arts fighters that almost rivals its ability to create games. The Tucson-based RWS - the company that brought you POSTAL, the notorious and long-runnning game franchise (soon to be a major motion picture) - is as unconventional in its marketing as it is in its game development.

The latest addition to the growing Running With Scissors MMA stable is Ed West, the former Rage in the Cage lightweight champion. Ed has just gotten back into fighting a full schedule this year and, appropriately enough, his first match under RWS' sponsorship was held in Tucson at the Desert Diamond Casino where he took on a tough piece of work named Reynaldo Duarte. "We don't follow the book," attested RWS ringleader Vince Desi, "We write it. We can't just buy the NFL like Electronic Arts, so we find other ways to grow our business. They're our ways, they're different, but they work for us."

The venue was totally sold out when Ed West entered the ring for the semi-main event in his Running With Scissors T-shirt with the company's logo emblazoned on his trunks. Ed had promised Vince and RWS hypemeister Mike J that he would truly demonstrate the meaning of "going Postal" on his opponent and went directly to work proving it. He locked on a vise-like armbar that looked like it might end the fight in less than a minute but the durable Duarte somehow how rolled out and made it through the entire match - albeit with a broken arm, courtesy of Mr. West. But survival is not victory and Ed West was declared the winner by decision. He put his RWS shirt back on and tossed another to the crowd, thanking us for being his sponsor.

Several months ago, RWS sponsored Drew Fickett, an Arizona-based mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Since then Drew has moved on to the UFC, where he recently scored a devastating knockout over heavily-favored UFC golden boy Josh Koscheck.

Next, RWS tried something a little different and sponsored a female MMA fighter. On September 30th at a "Rage in the Cage" freestyle match held at the Glendale Arena, RWS' own lovely Hayley "The Hammer" Salazar stepped into the ring and nailed Nicole Escobido for a first round victory. "Pound for pound we'll back our MMA fighters against anyone in the game industry" said a punchy Mike J.

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