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Mizuguchi to head up Bandai's new games label

Former Sega producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi is set to head up a new game publishing label at Bandai, which plans to release three to four games a year created by his new studio Q Entertainment.

Mizuguchi is best known for creating groundbreaking audio-focused titles Space Channel Five and Rez while at Sega, and left the company to pursue his own ambitions earlier this year.

The first two titles to be produced by the new label, which is called qb, will be Lumines on PSP and Meteos on the Nintendo DS - both of which will be developed in collaboration with key individuals from outside the company, in accordance with Q Entertainment's development plans.

In the case of Lumines, the game will feature music created by Shinichi Osawa, who is a famous club DJ in Japan, while Meteos is a collaboration with former HAL Laboratory producer, where he worked on the genesis of the Kirby character.

The first game from the studio, Lumines, will launch alongside the PSP's arrival in Japan on December 12th. Meteos will follow on February 24th next year.

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