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MixMaster Online

Monster-merging, cartoon-style MMORPG launches closed beta in Germany.

The Free-To-Play MMORPG ‘Mix Master’, developed by Aurora Games Corp., is now serviced in Germany.

‘Mix Master’ is a cartoon-rendered 2D game, an MMORPG of growing not only the user’s own character, but also the hunted monster as one’s own pet and ‘Hench’.

The greatest feature of ‘Mix Master’ is that a player can hunt and obtain a monster’s Core to make it into his/her own ‘Hench’, which is a fighting companion. The player can fight with at most 3 of the Hench alongside, and the Hench can grow and become more powerful. Unlike other MMORPGs where the character fights by oneself, players can experience more diverse tactics and fun due to the team battle with different types of Hench.

Also, it is interesting that Mix Builder allows the player to obtain a completely new Hench by mixing two different Hench according to a specific formula. The game is titled as Mix Master due to this very reason. The player who finds the Mix Formula to making more powerful Hench and obtaining the right Core can become the most powerful player in the game.

Serviced in Korea since 2003, ‘Mix Master’ was developed after being acquired by Aurora Games Corp. since August 2009, and launched its services in France by Jango Game. Then, based on its success in France, both companies concluded servicing contracts in Germany in July 2010 and launched CBT in Germany starting December 2010. Jango Game is scheduled to begin OBT starting January 2011, and offer official services soon.

About Aurora Games

Aurora Games Corp. is a subsidiary of Aurora World, Inc., a global leading company in the field of character contents. It was established in July 2009, and focuses on game development and publishing. Its representing game, ‘Mix Master’, is serviced in 7 countries including Germany.

-       Homepage of Aurora Games Corp.:

About Jango Game

Jango Game is an online game publisher established in France in March 2008. It acquired the license for ‘Mix Master’ from Aurora Games Corp. and launched services in France since August 2009. It launched services in Germany since December 2010.

-       Homepage of Jango Game:

-       Official Homepage of Mix Master Germany:

For Further Information (Personnel Contact Info)

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TEL : +82-2-3450-2402

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