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MIT Sloan Business in Gaming conference detailed

Keynote speeches from MUD creator Richard Bartle and Gazillion's Nik Davidson planned

Organisers have announced a detailed schedule for the MIT Sloan Business in Gaming Conference (MIT BiG), with eight panel discussions scheduled - involving companies ranging from Capcom to Rockstar Games.

The conference is due to take place on March 10 in Boston, with panellists due to discuss topics ranging from marketing games, business development, analytics, starting a videogames company, and development of emerging technologies.

The first keynote presentation will be by Richard Bartle, professor of computer game design at the University of Essex and co-creator of MUD. The session will be entitled "The Five Mistakes Every Game Design Makes", as he suggests that some are so prevalent they have become accepted as standard features.

The closing keynote speech will be from The Amazing Society/Gazillion design director Nik Davidson, whose presentation "The Economy of Play" will seek to analyse "the economic incentives that drive us to play, and pay for videogames."

The panel sessions will include input from developers representing companies such as Capcom, Irrational Games, Rockstar Games, Harmonix, and Zynga - as well as a number of start-ups.

"Other than MIT BiG, it's hard to think of anywhere that such a vibrant, eclectic mix of professionals can come together to discuss, rave and rant about the business side of computer games," said Bartle.

"Established publishers, developers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and academics all have something to bring - and will all find something to take away."

Further information on the event can be found on the official website.

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